Yellow + Gray Los Angeles Wedding
December 12, 2013
WhimsicalParkSummer Weddings
If you're currently stuck in a chilly, dreary day I've got just the thing to thaw you out and it comes in the form of the happiest wedding. Yellow and gray, smiles galore, Sharon Nicole Photography's captures of the beautiful, beautiful day are just what the doctor ordered!
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From the beautiful bride... Our wedding day was full of joy and laughter, just the way we wanted it! We wanted our wedding to reflect who we are as a couple: happy and playful. Yellow is the happiest color out there in my opinion, and gray made for a pretty pairing. We chose the church my husband grew up in as our ceremony venue, and since the wedding coordinator and pastor were good friends of ours, the planning went rather smooth. We also wanted to honor our families, so we chose having a ten course Chinese banquet for the reception. Our vendors helped us so much in the planning and setting up. Sharon, our photographer, is also a good friend of ours and lent us much needed wisdom along the way. She captured our wedding in the most perfect way possible! The bridal party and couple photos had the beautiful backdrop of the San Gabriel Mountains, and Sharon always finds the best lighting for her pictures. Our family and friends helped us pull together all the DIY elements: pinwheels, giant balloons, tassels, signs, escort cards, etc. Our big day seriously would not have come together the way it did without all of their loving contributions. The pinwheels took some time to make simply because we had to make so many to fill the space, but they provided a cute background for our ceremony and were worth the time and effort. Pinwheels were also used by my bridesmaids in decorating my bridal shower, so I enjoyed the continuity of the decor. We used giant balloons and tassels in our engagement pictures, and since they made for such fun pictures, I knew I had to have them for bridal party photos as well. Instead of regular balloon string, I used some leftover tulle I had, and it created a more delicate look for the balloons. The tassels were made out of ribbon I found at a nearby craft store. My sweet friend Ashley Loyd designed the invitation, program, and signage for our wedding and included super cute balloon emblems on them. She took our playful motif and created a classy theme for all the paper items we needed for the ceremony. We had our guests sign Jenga pieces instead of a traditional guestbook, and we loved playing the game while reading all the well wishes after returning from our honeymoon. We took a less formal approach in planning our reception, and it was meant to show how much we loved playing games. Along with the Jenga pieces for the guestbook, we decided to use Monopoly Deal themed escort cards and table numbers (designed by Greg, one of our groomsmen) and heart-shaped decks of cards for the guest favors. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with one another and all our close family and friends at our reception, eating good food, playing a couple of entertaining games throughout the evening, hearing our matron-of-honor and best man's funny and sentimental speeches, watching the slideshow, dancing, and just soaking in the best day of our lives. Our friend Elsie made sure everything went as planned and allowed us to focus on enjoying our wedding day to the fullest. It went by so fast, and we loved every second of it. We couldn't imagine a better day for declaring our love for one another in front of our friends, family, and most importantly our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.