Boston Wedding at Harvard + MIT from CLY Creation
December 9, 2013
New England
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Fact: when two people this adorable tie the knot, it's one crazy awesome celebration.  One that includes pretty pink hues, two fabulous settings (I'm talking to you Harvard Faculty Club and MIT Chapel) and a whole lot of happy.  It's basically wedding perfection from start to finish and you can see every last love-filled moment (and there are a lot of them) captured by CLY Creation right here.
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From the Bride... We first met when I was an architecture graduate student at Harvard and Juney was visiting MIT as a prospective architecture graduate student. A large group of us went out to dinner together after all the open house activities and we were immediately drawn to each other. My first words to Juney were, "You're from California, huh?" With those words, a several month long courtship followed including long-distance phone calls to South Africa (where I spent the following summer on a fellowship), Juney riding his bike all the way to Harvard from MIT to walk me home at night, and hand-delivered soup from MIT to Harvard when I was sick. Juney also moved in down the street from me with my classmates when he came for graduate school. The rest is history!

The most over-the-top DIY item from our wedding is something most people don't pay much attention to - our table number holder! Juney was interning at a company that designs and fabricates metal building components. After vetoing every table number holder we could find, Juney ventured into the company's metal shop in search of scrap material to create our own table number holders. With the help of the amazing guys in the metal shop, this turned into a full blown design project. Juney designed and drew shop drawings and the guys at TriPyramid custom fabricated them out of solid stainless steel, even ordering a special blade to cut the slots!

Our family and friends actually ended up choosing our venues for us. Before Juney and I were even dating, my mom would fantasize out loud about me getting married at Harvard Faculty Club. Before we were even engaged, our friends would joke about how perfect it would be if we got married at MIT Chapel and hold our reception at Harvard Faculty Club. The two schools brought us together and became the backdrop for our relationship. In the end, we didn't even consider other venues. MIT Chapel also happens to be one of our favorite buildings in the Boston area and where I got baptized earlier this year!