Ann & Kam Photography & Cinema
December 3, 2013
I could spend all day everyday swooning over gorgeous photography and wedding films — and, truth be told, somedays I do! It's the way love and emotion is captured on film that makes my heart swell up and my eyes rim with tears, so when I was introduced to Chicago-based husband + wife duo Ann & Kam Photography & Cinema, let's just say my afternoon was shot. Offering their couples a comfortable and totally personal photography experience, the love that Ann and Kam have for their role in a wedding day is quite apparent.
Ann and Kam spend much of their time together talking about their couples, photography and cinema, and work hard to push each other creatively, offering something truly unique to their brides + grooms. Shooting a limited number of weddings each year so they can honestly get to know their clients and their individual love stories, the photographers are able to capture each couple's true style and personality and let that shine throughout their wedding day. It's apparent how much love, care and emotion is put into each and every image and film, helping every couple walk away with beautiful, timeless and treasured memories for years to come.

In addition to gorgeous images, Ann & Kam Photography & Cinema offers short films which capture those wedding moments that simply cannot come through in photos alone. Available to shoot worldwide (hello, destination nuptials!), the duo brings a fresh, creative vision to capture your best day ever. Head over here for more information and to start your booking!