Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Inspiration Shoot from Rachel Gomez Photography
November 25, 2013
We like to celebrate over here on SMP, so when the holidays roll around, we get a little bit giddy. Ok, a lot giddy. Well, this year, with Thanksgiving and Hanukkah overlapping, it's just that much better. It means more gatherings, more family, and more excuses to gussy up your holiday table, which we obviously adore. And thanks to Rachel Gomez and Decor Design Group filling our screens with inspiration for every evening, we think we have this holiday thing covered. See all the pretty here.
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From Rachel Gomez Photography...Growing up in a multicultural home meant celebrating the whole Holiday Season, even though it often meant combining holidays that don’t quite go together, like Hanukkah and Christmas. Well this year, for the first and last time, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving share a day. This was a new one, even for us, so I decided to create some inspiration for three nights of Hanukkah, starting with Thanksgiving.

All three options were created using easy to find items, including mini pumpkins, fresh cranberries and pomegranates. Mandy created an almost effortless eucalyptus “runner” while Rachael, from Décor Design Group, pulled all the details together, including the macaroon-decorated chocolate cake and silver branch candelabra used as a Menorah. Silver and blue have been exhausted for years, so we worked with warmer, more organic colors that take you from fall to winter. Gallery 1261 provided an incredible backdrop with stunning paintings from Ron Hicks, bathed in natural light, against dramatic painted walls.

Thanksgiving falls on the second night of Hanukkah, so we decided to work with metallic accents that still feel like fall, such as gold mini pumpkins, the silver Menorah, gold feathers and candles. Loose cranberries added little pops of color, while two pomegranates sat at either end of the table. Allowing the dark tabletop to show, with the runner highlighting the Menorah, is one option with real impact.

For our second inspiration, we picked the fourth night, and the last day of November. This time, we started with a more nostalgic and fun approach. Dreidels and chocolate gelt dressed the table, with mini sweet apples and rock candy on each plate. We loved the idea of an intimate dinner feeling decadent with two tiny cakes, chai tea, and coconut with edible gold stars. We used a piece of antique brocade fabric as our runner to make the Menorah stand out in a new way.

For our third inspiration, we wanted to take our guests into December. We loved the classic white linens and place cards, and the contrast with strong winter colors: silver, gold, green and red. The red wall and artwork compliment the intimacy and elegance of the table. All nine candles of the Menorah lit (eight for each day, one to light each candle), created warmth and a stunning centerpiece.

Only once will Thanksgiving and Hanukkah be celebrated together, so let’s make it a great night! Or even better, celebrate for all eight nights!