Morning lovelies! As you pop on for your daily pretty fix, you might notice a few changes around these parts. And truth be told, we’re pretty darn thrilled. Because for the past several months we’ve been working behind-the-scenes to unveil the brand spankin’ new…REGIONAL blogs. Get excited!

tri-state Mid Atlantic New England Southeast Midwest Southwest California Northwest

You see, it truly hurt our hearts to turn away gorgeous weddings outside our select local blogs. So we dreamt up a SMP world where every wedding could find a happy home, and every bride could find inspiration from her own neck of the woods! Midwest, Tri-State, Southwest, Mid-Atlantic, Northwest, New England, Southeast, California, you name it, we’ve got it! And of course, our international favorites like Australia, Canada and Destination will be sticking around.

It’s a change we’re all kinds of excited for, and think you’ll love too. Cheers to spreading the wedding joy just a little bit further! xoxo, the SMP team