Yarra Valley Wedding from Stewart Leishman Photography
November 22, 2013
Australia & South Pacific
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Stewart, Stewart, Stewart. You always know just how to make my day come to a screeching halt with your seriously stunning images. It never fails, before I even open his gorgeous images, I have to clear my calendar - because I know my day will be spent soaking up every last drop of pretty he produced. And I might as well clear my entire weekend for this Yarra Valley wedding. It's pure Stewart Leishman perfection from start to finish, and you can see it all right here.
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From Stewart Leishman Photography...Stones of the yarra valley would have to be one of my all time favourite wedding venues in The Yarra Valley! Liam and Sarah tied the knot in style with an absolutely gorgeous chapel ceremony. We all started off down the road before the ceremony at yering gorge cottages A cute little set up at the foothills of the yarra valley mountain range. When you first arrive the first thing you see as you come over the crest is the Kangeroos, they look at you for a split second and then carry on, followed by the rabbits and then the almost deafening squawking Cockatoos! A great place to get ready with lots of character.

The great thing about Liam and Sarah’s wedding was they kept it simple logistically speaking , the location between the getting ready and ceremony locations was close. There was no traffic to contend with. All of the guests stayed in the Yarra Valley which made it a much more pleasant experience due to the whole day being pretty much all in the one location. If I could give a bride and groom a red hot tip, keep your wedding day all in the once location. You get to spend more time with your family and friends.

So moving along, the ceremony was very emotional, the words that were read out during the readings by family and friends was real, lots of love! It was a great setting to head right into the reception, spirits were high!

A big thank you to Liam and Sarah for inviting me be a part of your wedding day.