Lime Coconut Granitas Recipe from Jade + Matthew
November 22, 2013
We like to toast to things around these parts - we'll raise a glass to a gorgeous wedding without a second thought. So as we started to ponder which delicious cocktail we should mix up  to send our office off into the weekend, we of course headed straight to our galleries. Which led us to this beauty from Jade + Matthew Take Pictures. Lucky for all of us, they so graciously shared the recipe, and yes, we know it's not summer, but ohhh doesn't this sound delicious...
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Lime Coconut Granitas
Prep Time
Cook Time
Total Time
1 Stalk of Lemongrass, chopped 1 Tbsp of agave
½ cup of water 3 cans of plain coconut water
2 limes (one finely zested, one peeled into curls and the juice of both)
Simmer lemongrass and agave in water until it reduces to about ¼ cup of liquid (about 15minutes), let cool.Meanwhile use a lemon zester and make little curls of rind with one of the limes and zest the entire peel of the other. Juice the naked limes. Keep the lime curls in a glass of water in the fridge; they will curl up. Remove lemongrass stalks and combine remaining syrup with lime juice, zest and coconut water in a casserole or baking dish. Freeze for 2 hours, every 15-30 minutes rake it with a fork so that it breaks up into little grainy ice crystals. Once the entire mixture is frozen, but grainy and separated, spoon into bowls and top with the remaining lime rind curls.

Photography: Jade + Matthew