Houston Wedding from Nancy Aidee Photography & Keely Thorne Events
Two ceremonies means double the fashion, double the flowers, double the love. And it's pretty amazing. I love this couple for introducing the idea to me, and I love Keely Thorne Events for coordinatin...
Two ceremonies means double the fashion, double the flowers, double the love. And it's pretty amazing. I love this couple for introducing the idea to me, and I love Keely Thorne Events for coordinating the whole beautiful day. Captured by Nancy Aidee Photography, the wedding was worthy of two parties and then some.
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From the beautiful bride... We chose our wedding to be in Houston because it is our home away from home. We are originally from Angola. Knowing that many of our guests would be traveling from different parts of the world including our own country of Angola, we wanted the party to be as if we were there. Parties in Angola are very versatile and incorporate music from several cultures. We also included many various foods from all over the world so there was something for everyone. Thus, we were sure everybody felt welcome and “at home.”

To us, the perfect wedding would be one that represented both my and Wilson's personality and the things we like: classic yet luxurious and very romantic. For this reason, a “Marie Antoinette” theme was our inspiration. Our invitations were boxes that had a picture of a tulip in the background. It playfully also included the list of hotels and transportation services to facilitate our guests, given that it was a destination wedding. Tulips are a special flower to us and were used often in the wedding's decor. Incorporated with many other types of flowers, there were different tulips throughout the decor including center pieces and aisle decoration.

In regards to the wedding favors, we wanted them to be durable and useful. Therefore, we gave out agendas that included descriptions of different states within the United States which could be interesting spots for vacation as well as Parker pens with our names engraved. To us, both of the elements of crystals and lace strongly represent class and luxury. I wanted diamonds to be represented everywhere not just for the luxurious feel but also as a representation of the amount of years that we aim to live happily throughout our marriage. Even the silverware used when cutting the cake had touches of diamonds and crystals. All of the tablecloths were made of special lace to represent class and tradition as seen in the aristocratic era which also represents our taste. The whole theme finally came together after the bridesmaid's dresses were bought as they were very light and romantic looking. That's when we decided that the venue needed to be filled with rich flowers with lots of petals and very soft in smell. The flowers definitely gave an important touch of romance which meant a lot to us.

The most special moment during the entire event was the first dance. It was simply magical. I was six months pregnant and the baby began to move strongly as we began to dance. Both myself and Wilson felt it throughout the whole dance which made us joke that the baby was dancing as well. It was a special moment for our little family. We danced to “Ela une todas as coisas” (translation: “She Unites Everything” by Jorge Vercilo. Another song which was played during our entrance to the venue which meant a lot to us as well was “Namora Comigo” by Mart'nalia.

We had both a civil and religious ceremony. I thought it would be important to change dresses to give each ceremony its own touch. It turned out to be the best idea because the civil ceremony dress was more modern and reflected that moment which was more official whereas the dress for the religious ceremony was much more traditional and romantic reflecting the spirituality of the moment. Wilson's change of attire followed the same logic adding to the fact that he is very fashion-oriented and any excuse would be plausible to show off his fashion sense.