Modern Swedish Beach Wedding from Annevi Petersson
November 11, 2013
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This is the kind of wedding you just can't help but fall in love with; a wedding where modern details mix and mingle with a laid back meets elegant vibe and mojitos are served in place of cake.  It's the kind of day where every last person is having the time of their life, and celebrating love is the most magical thing you'll do all week.  I adore weddings like this... and the gallery?  Sooo pretty.  Join me there for every beautiful moment captured by Annevi Petersson.  It's as amazing as you think.
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From Annevi Petersson... Louise and Joakim met in Oslo, Norway seven years ago, when they were neighbors. This summer, they got married on the beach outside Louise parents' summerhouse in Yngsjo, in southern Sweden.

Louise said they were so happy they got married at the beach, as a church wedding wasn’t for them. Appetizers and champagne were served at the summerhouse after the ceremony. They were very lucky with the weather. The rain started to pour down just as everyone was leaving to go to the reception venue.

Louise is a designer working with fashion and she did all the design of the venue, all the stylish stationery and the flower decorations. She also designed her beautiful wedding dress, as well as the pink bridesmaids dresses.

All the guests had travelled from far away and the couple was especially happy to have many American and British friends at the wedding. The bride has lived in Los Angeles and she was so grateful to have her American “sisters” there. Louise got ready with her (Swedish) best friends and Louise said it was just like back in the days.

The reception was held in the nearby village Ahus, hometown of Absolut Vodka. No cake was served at the reception; the cake was instead replaced by Mojitos. Of course! There were also a fair bit of the Scandinavian drinking songs (Snapsvisa).

Louise said it was extra special to have a day that was just for Joakim and her. They have a darling boy who is 1 1/2 years old. Louise said “I’m really happy we stayed in a wedding suite at Angshyddan the night before the wedding. We got a good night sleep and time together. It also worked out to be a perfect venue for the girls and me to get ready in.”

I asked the groom of his special moment from the day he answered without any hesitation. "The moment Louise and her dad came over the corner and walked down the aisle.”

Louise and Joakim went to Taormina, Sicily for a week on their honeymoon.

From the Bride... Joakim opened the door when my friend and I were returning some things to his roommate. Later that night, Joakim and his friend knocked on my door and asked if we wanted to come up for a drink. We exchanged numbers that night, and I gave him a call the weekend after to see of he wanted to meet up for a drink. After that we have spent every night and day together.

Joakim proposed to me in 2001 when we were in Aspen on a family skiing trip. Joakim had asked my father earlier on the trip, and on one of the last days Joakim had planned to ask me in the lift on the way up the mountain. For some reason, we ended up in different lifts, and kept missing each other in the slope.

We decided to race down the mountain on our way to the restaurant for lunch. Somehow we managed to crash into each other and I ended up in the hospital. So instead of proposing, Joakim was in the hospital with me, holding my hand, with the ring in his pocket. It was just a sprained ankle, though and he proposed the following day in the hot tub by the cabin. Just as romantic, and we have a good story!

My brothers, who were the toastmasters, made the dinner into the crazy party we really wanted. They are such amazing entertainers.  We really just wanted a fun and relaxed party and we hoped everyone would enjoy himself or herself the whole time. We didn’t want any boring or slow parts. We didn’t want people to have to worry about any transfers, so we had rented buses to take everyone back and forth to the ceremony. We chose a reception venue that also had a hotel, so the guests could stay the night there.
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Makeup artist, Hair Stylist
Fredrik, Skagg & Lockar
Groom's Suit
Hugo Boss
Bride's Getting Ready Venue
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