Confession: This adorable couple I hold very close to my heart for numerous reasons, but a major one being this duo is made up of my sister and soon to be brother-in-law. And I happen to think their engagement photographed by Ruth Eileen is about as perfect as they come. The images capture their laughter-filled spirit and their undeniable love. But the story behind those cute faces makes them all the more endearing. This is a love culminating from a very successful blind date set up by two meddling sisters. Amazing, right? Read all about it below and for even more, check out the full gallery.

From the Bride-to-Be… Our paths collided in July of 2011. My sister was living in Boston with her husband and called to let me know she had met a sweet girl who had an amazing brother that I absolutely had to meet!!! I told her she was crazy and that I would not be jet-setting from San Diego to go on a blind date in Boston. She then told me that was the best part – he also lived in San Diego. So, with no pressure and the hopes of at least making a new friend, I accepted his email and his date offer.

A week later I met Sasha at an Irish pub around the corner from my house. This is where we spent the next six hours laughing, talking, and getting to know each other. Sasha offered to walk me home after our date which is when we realized that we had been living a mere block from each other for the last year. A block! Over the next several months Sasha and I fell completely head-over-heels in love. Sasha is an Officer in the Military and a year later, when he received orders for South Carolina, he asked me to move with him. As you can imagine, this was a total no-brainer! 

So two years and two coasts later, I was over the moon when Sasha proposed to me. We took a trip up north to Sasha’s Granny’s home in Barrington, Rhode Island. Granny’s is a special place because Sasha’s parents as well as his sister were married there. We woke up the following morning after we arrived to a torrential downpour. Our big plans of laying on the dock and enjoying the sunny weather were out. 

We decided to go into town for lunch. As we were getting ready to leave, Sasha asked if I could help him move pots from the end of his Granny’s dock (that he “forgot” to move earlier). Obviously I was not thrilled about the idea of running down the dock in the pouring rain but after a few minutes of resisting I gave in. We put our rain jackets on and made our way out to the end of the very long dock. When we got to the end, Sasha turned around and told me ” Clearly there are no pots out here.” Then he bent down on one knee and asked me to marry him. 

New England has a very special place in our hearts for so, so many reasons. It’s where Sasha is from, where our sisters’ lovingly schemed to get us together, and where we ultimately got engaged. We have decided to have our wedding October Eleventh at Moody Mountain Farm in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. A Fall wedding in New England, does it get any better? 

From Ruth Eileen Photography…  Megan and Sasha currently live in the South, and one of their favorite cities to visit and explore is Charleston, SC. We had a blast galavanting around the town with these two. Everywhere you looked, gorgeous scenery was at our disposal to capture this happy and adorable couple. This couldn’t have been a better combination: Megan + Sasha + charming Charleston = Perfect Southern Love!

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography

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