Atlanta Goat Farm Arts Center Wedding from Justin Demutiis Photography
November 1, 2013
This wedding at the The Goat Farm Arts Center surprised me in the best possible way. Just when I thought I found the prettiest possible moment of this couples' big day, I would discover an even more gorgeous layer planned by Jade Lee Events, I couldn't help but drool over. With each image snapped up by Justin DeMutiis, I fell deeper in love with this fête, and you can do the same right here in the full gallery of images.
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Our Story... We met nine years ago in Israel while both studying at Tel Aviv University. Michal was still in college and decided to spend the year studying abroad while living with her father in Israel. Jordan had just finished up a year working at the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC and came to Israel to learn Hebrew and work on a few projects. It took Jordan a week after arriving to arrange to get a cell phone, but the first call he made was to Michal, whose number he had scribbled on his notebook in class. (Okay, his first call was most likely to his grandmother who lived in Israel, but still...) We became close friends that year. We didn't, however, start a romance. After school, we both moved to the US, but it wasn't until four years later that our lives intersected again and sparks began.

At first, we made several trips to visit each other between Atlanta, Washington DC and then, after Jordan finished law school, to New York. Eventually, Michal moved to New York. This past February 9th, on Michal's 30th birthday, she came home to a polished apartment filled with flowers and birthday gifts. Jordan insisted that she open his gift first. While she opened that tiny box, he asked--in Hebrew--if she would marry him! (At first, she was too shocked to answer, in any language.)

Over the past several years, we have traveled back to Israel, Jordan taught Michal how to ski and we have gone as far as Zermatt, Switzerland on winter vacation. We've enjoyed several camping trips, and have traveled to see and meet each other's friends and families.

From the Bride... We wanted our wedding to feel different from so many wedding's we'd been to that seemed to follow a template. I don't think we looked at one hotel ballroom when we were considering venues, and as soon as I heard about The Goat Farm, I was pretty much sold. After visiting the venue I recognized it's challenges, but had already fallen in love with the room - the high wood beams, the limitless light dynamic, what photos we'd be able to capture, and the overall vibe (we are big on "vibe", whether its our own living room, a restaurant, and especially our wedding). From having attended a few weddings in Israel, where I'm from and where we met, we knew we wanted to adopt the custom of guests standing up during the ceremony. There is something about this being an active portion of the night that we were really drawn to, and in play, it really worked. With the huppah situated in the center of the room and our guests standing close and all around us, our ceremony felt like a big hug with us its core. Our parents and family, of course, were nearest to us, but close friends were also able to get close and take part of our intimate ceremony. We didn't emphasize very much on traditional elements, such as a long walk down the aisle - we are not into the regality of traditional ceremonies and wanted the music that played us down the isle to feel lively, warm, and a reflection into the night to come. We had carefully selected the entertainment and guests had a ball. The oversized dance floor was packed all night long.