Today has been a wedding dress whirlwind – that’s for darn sure. But hold on to your hats because we’ve got one last fashion recap up our sleeves. A Claire Pettibone recap, to be specific. You see, when I got the chance to head backstage before the show and chat with Claire, she opened up about her inspiration and the top trends we’d see in her killer new collection.

Keeping your cool isn’t easy when meeting Claire Pettibone. I mean, she’s a bridal fashion legend. But lucky for me, she’s also about as down-to-earth as can be. She alluded to some of the surprises we’d see down the runway (hint: color, lace, gold!), and what inspired her in the process.

This is probably my most opulent collection, and a slightly different take on my signature style. I was inspired by still life art from the 17th century. And even just the words “still life” themselves, and the context they have in a wedding…how we take a moment to just be still.”

– Claire Pettibone

Does it get any more romantic than this? The floral embroideries, the gold detailing and that all-around vintage perfection… they all stole my heart in a serious way. Not to mention Claire’s signature petal covered runway that so perfectly set the stage. And while I was almost certain she could do no wrong, after this show, I left completely convinced. Claire Pettibone, we heart you so.

Photography: Daniel Dorsa