SMP Texas Welcomes Our Advertisers + A GIVEAWAY!
October 19, 2013
Texas, Texas, Texas - you sure do know what you're doing down there in the Lone Star State. You have style for miles, and that fact is proven once again thanks to the folks we are introducing to you today - Alton Lane. If you didn't know about them before, you'll be thanking me for the intro later...

Weddings tend to be a tad bit Bride focused, but what about the dashing Groom by her side? He not only deserves to be just as dapper, but should look equally suited for his big day. Well, ladies and gents, let me introduce you to Alton Lane. A custom clothier who believes in accessible, stylish and affordable suits. They are fully equipped to make her main squeeze look as irresistible as she knows he is - and with all the amenities at their shops, he might actually enjoy the experience...
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About Alton Lane...Alton Lane sets itself apart from other clothiers in several important ways: fit, quality, shopping experience, and accessible price points. They source their high-quality fabrics from the best fabric mills in the world. Many of these are the same fabrics you’d pay thousands of dollars for at traditional retailers, but Alton Lane believes that this quality should be accessible and affordable. Custom suits start at $595 and our tuxedos start at $670, and they have an incredible selection of spring, summer and fall/winter weight fabrics to choose from. Black tie formal or beach-side — they’ve done it all!

Alton Lane uses a 3D body scanner in all of its showrooms to create a digital pattern and provide a true bespoke fit without requiring four or five fittings like the traditional bespoke clothiers of Savile Row. Grooms can pick out the all the details of the cut and style as well. Vents, pleats, cuffs, buttons, lapel style — these are only a few of their custom options for creating the perfect fit and look. In addition to great fit and high-quality fabrics, dressing for a wedding with Alton Lane provides a groom with so many fun ways to really craft and style a customized, personalized look for the day. Monograms, lining color, accent colors, stitching color in the same color as the bridesmaids’ dresses — you can even include a wedding date or a special message to your bride on the inside of your jacket. All of these options are included in the pricing, so include whatever cool touches you want!

Alton Lane is THE shopping experience for those who dislike shopping! Each showroom has a handcrafted bar and flat screen TVs with the game on. Customers relax on cushy leather couches, with a beer or small batch scotch, and select fabrics with style and fit experts. When you’re outfitting your wedding party in Alton Lane, everyone is invited into the showroom for a fitting party — with drinks and a place for everyone to relax and enjoy planning for the big day. The experience is completely personalized — Alton Lane can and does cater to everyone from celebrities to college students buying their first interview suits!

Alton Lane has showrooms in NYC, Washington DC, Boston, Dallas — and more are coming soon across the country. However, Alton Lane has customers in nearly every state and has tried and true methods to get great measurements from a distance as well. So don’t fret if one of your groomsmen is located halfway across the country — or even on the other side of the world. All in all, Alton Lane strives to put the groom on a pedestal! They know the bride is always the eye-catcher but are committed to making the groom look fabulous enough to stand up with her!

And it just gets better,  Alton Lane is giving away a custom  tuxedo! That's right, just click here to enter to win. Winner will be announced on November 8th! Good luck! xoxo