Gloucester Wedding at Eastern Point Yacht Club from Kelly Dillon Photography
October 18, 2013
New England
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Love stories like this make me happy.  Love stories where two people meet and fall head over heels for each other, totally unexpectedly.  It's like one moment you're (begrudgingly) attending an extremely hot 4th of July party and the next your celebrating an amazing wedding captured by Kelly Dillon Photography.  The result?  East Coast pretty meets a fairytale beginning... and it's all waiting for you to devour right here in the full gallery.
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From the Bride... Jeff and I met on July 3, 2010 at a 4th of July barbecue. I had fully intended on staying home, since the weather had called for 98 Degrees, but with some coercion from my roommate, to include the promise of cold beer and fireworks, I decided to go. Once we arrived, we all stood around huddled under a food service tent, which proved to be the only protection from the scorching sun. Soon after, the host of the party had announced he needed some help bringing down the fireworks from his car. Some guys standing near reluctantly, but politely obliged and scampered off to lug boxes. Once the guys came back, they were all carrying big boxes of colorfully packaged fireworks, including one guy, who wasn't in the group of people before. This is when I saw Jeff. He must have been persuaded into helping from the minute he got out of his car. After the guys had finished with the fireworks, they returned to the shade of the tent with us.

Jeff was quiet, and I am not! I invited him to be my teammate in a game of Beirut. Turns out we are both horrible at this game, and we lost miserably. We spent some time together for the rest of the barbecue, and parted ways once the festivities of the night came to an end. It wasn't until days later I received a message on Facebook (yes, that's right.. Facebook) that we met up again. In his message, he apologized for not asking my number, and he wanted to know if I would like to go out for dinner some night. We went to Gibbett Hill, in Groton, MA for our first date, and he took me fishing shortly after. If wasn't until later I found out from Jeff's friends and family that Jeff doesn't take just ANYONE fishing, and that he must really like me to have been selected for such insight into his favorite place. We spent more and more time together. Eventually we moved in to a small apartment together, and had planned on a vacation in Aruba, which is where Jeff proposed to me. Jeff and I married June 15, 2013.