Camp Lucy Wedding from Caroline Plus Ben
October 17, 2013
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I've probably already told you just how much I adore Caroline + Ben Photography, but it's definitely worth repeating, because I sooo do and they are just that amazing.  I mean, these two talented photogs manage to send us some of the sweetest weddings you will lay your eyes upon, weddings like this darling day held at the always wonderful Camp Lucy.  I'm talking beautiful blooms from Bouquets of Austin, the planning expertise of Pearl Events and one moment after another of pure, unadulterated pretty.  See it all in the full gallery.
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From the Bride... Ty and I met through friends at a Mumford and Son's concert at Stubbs. I think we both were aware our mutual friends had prepped one another for meeting each other, but once we actually met, the night just flowed so organically. We were separated from our friends due to the crowd during the show and didn't leave each other's side even into post show drinks. We sort of just kept the conversation going through texts, emails, phone calls and visits. It's just never been easier with someone

We really wanted a night of romance, good food, and wonderful company because that's what our relationship is pretty much based on. We love cooking together almost every night of the week and having people over to share it with. Ty has been a very romantic partner from the beginning so I wanted it to be a night where everyone would fall in love with each other again or for the first time!

Quality food is paramount to our lives due to Ty's founding of Windy Hill farms, so we were very particular about sourcing from local farms and ranches for our feast. 2Dine4 was able to pull from our family business as well as friends' businesses and local farms to make an absolutely wonderful multi course meal. We really tried to use local/friend connections where we could to make the celebration more personal. Bouquets of Austin and Pearl Events used romantic and 're-purposed' decorations to create a soft and gorgeous setting for our vows and banquet tables. BOA knew I loved herbs and was using them as favors so they incorporated a lot of herbs in my bouquet and all around. They particularly used Rosemary which has historical uses in marriage ceremonies and whose scent is traditionally associated with love.

We had our good friend Jarod marry us because we felt he has such a special way with words and has always been supportive of us. We also wrote our own vows which we surprised each other with that day. It was important to us to feel like we expressed our love to each other in our own words. Our friend Sara ready from The Prophet 'On Marriage' because we both felt early on it was a great description of a good relationship. Also, we picked our own musical selections played by a Musical Discovery of Austin. I walked down the aisle to Frankie Vallie's 'Can't take my eyes off of you' and we walked out to The Monkees 'I'm a believer' because the lyrics were dead on. The wedding party walked in to Neil Young's 'Harvest Moon' because we're both in love with Neil Young.

I think my favorite 'moment' was standing there with Ty in front of our friends and family knowing that I just loved him so much and that this was our official beginning together. It was just sheer bliss and happiness. Also, the fact that I had no idea that my brother wrote a song for my dance with my dad! That was a pretty incredible moment and extremely touching all around. Ty's favorite was my dad's speech and the fact that he made every single person cry in the building! People keep telling us how they started tearing up during this speech.

I have two favorite photos from the wedding - I love the one of us ringing the bell because Ty was swept up by the weight of the swinging bell! I think it really captures our excitement. The other is the photo of my dad after he saw me for the first time and he's hugging me. It's a pretty tender moment between a daughter and her dad! Ty's favorite is our epic dip at the end of the night! He was impressed with Ben's shot and our dipping abilities!

My biggest piece of advice to brides is not to get wrapped up in ALL of the details. Focus on maybe three big things that really mean a lot to you both and feel express you as a couple. We chose food, music, and drinks because they're a huge part of our lives with how we met, our family business, and Ty's a brewer. You can fill in some of the small details in custom keepsakes like your cake topper or ring box and create inexpensive favors that represent you. In the end it's a party to celebrate your love and thank everyone there for being a part of your lives together thus far, so just enjoy it!