An Intimate Sydney Wedding from Ballyhoo Photography
October 11, 2013
New South Wales
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The way these two look at each other? Man. I get that heart-melty, dumb-smile, *sigh* feeling big time. With the only guests being the maid of honor and best man, this sweet, intimate love story told by Ballyhoo Photography makes me think twice about having a large guest list when I get married. I'll be mulling it over in the gallery with my swoon face in full force!
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From Andrea Cronshaw ... It was a perfect May day for Nikki and Morgan’s wedding, one of those days that Sydney is famous for and it certainly was showing this off, bar a bit of wind. The harbour was sparkling and the skies were a lovely clear blue. It was one of those days that would make anyone think twice about having a summer wedding over an autumn or winter one.

Nikki and Morgan’s wedding certainly was small, with only 4 people attending the wedding, including the bride and groom themselves! The celebrant (along with her daughter) and I were the only extras there. But this just emphasised the love that could be seen between the two, because it was a day all about them, their connection and how they choose to express and share it. It has been one of the best wedding’s I have been a part of, stress free and that was how the day really should be. It was not about spending the most money or having the most guests, but just adding the special touch of having the two most important people to them there, and keeping it simple.

The best man was the first to arrive at the Jeffrey Street Wharf location, looking out onto Sydney’s Harbour, almost directly under the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, on the North side of Sydney. The couple arrived together soon after for their late afternoon wedding, along with the maid of honour. The bride wore a tan dress with some very delicate black lace over the top, designed by the famous Australian designer, Collette Dinnigan. The groom wore a smart dark suit by Ben Sherman with a soft purple tie. Keeping to the nature of the relaxed, friendly and intimate wedding the best man helped both the bride and groom with the final touches, including putting on the bride’s corsage. It was a stunning simple red rose, surrounded by some soft white flowers, created by the florists at Summers Floral in Kirribilli.

Unlike most bride’s, Nikki then proceeded to help decorate the location for the ceremony, with a cute and homemade like banner. It added that special touch of colour to the ceremony as well as marking that public location theirs for the time we’d be there.

Before the ceremony even begun, we had time for every photographer’s favourite part, the photos of the bride and groom along with the rest of bridal party. This was the biggest part of the day; they allowed plenty of time for the whole event, allowing minimal stress for all involved and it was more like an engagement shoot rather than a hectic wedding day. Both Nikki and Morgan ride scooters, so the first thing they wanted a photo with was a mint scooter the best man brought along. The whole group had a lot of fun shooting on this, and it really brought out their personalities as they felt comfortable and it something they love doing. We were then able to explore Kirribilli and take so many photos in a range of locations, we had so much time we all found places near the location we never knew! The sun was in the perfect position and we were able to play around with some beautiful light.

The ceremony was quick and to the point, but certainly intimate and filled with love. There were congratulations and the usual signing of the documents. Then, just at the right time, a massive cruise ship decided it would sail past, letting off a massive horn. The wedding party watched the ship cruise past and the passengers eagerly watched us back too.

Ventured off as group to take more photos on the other side of Kirribilli, we found even more amazing locations, including a doorway which the couple just loved. Had we not have had all the time that we did, the couple may not have been as happy as they were with the photos.

Although Nikki and Morgan’s family were not part of the day, thanks to the digital age they were still able to be a part of it kilometres away. The maid of honour took some iphone photos to send to those who were not physically there, allowing them to enjoy and witness parts of the wedding immediately. We all then ventured towards the iconic Luna Park on Sydney’s harbour, where we were able to take more photos as the sun set. The fact that we shot on Sydney harbour with some of it’s very famous icons as the background was very important to the couple as they do not live in Sydney, but still choose it as their location of their wedding.

Though the day was beautiful, once that sun had disappeared it quickly became freezing, the newly wedded couple along with the bridal party were keen to go start the rest of the night as well as getting warm. We said our goodbyes and the night probably continued for them as the day had been; genuine love being shared resulting in a relaxed, joyous day.