I like to think I inherited my love of all things sparkly from my always-stylish grandma, and when it comes to jewels and gems, there’s rarely a bauble I don’t swoon over! So imagine my excitement when I find out Platinum Guild International has partnered with fashion + style site Refinery29 to identify and share with you, our lovely readers, trends in bridal jewelry! I’m pretty much over the moon…

We all know and love platinum for its naturally white color and amazing durability, that’s a given, but when paired with colored gemstones, it really shines! Holding stones securely, the gorgeous metal will not reflect any of its own color into the gems, allowing them to be the center of attention (aside from the bride-to-be, of course)! On top of all jewelry trends, Refinery29 rounded up a stunning gallery of colored gemstones used in engagement rings — see it all here!

I mean, come on, does it get any more gorgeous?! For more information + inspiration on the hottest trends in bridal jewelry, head over to Plaitinum Guild International’s Facebook page (right here) or their Pinterest page (over here). I’ll meet you in the virtual marketplace where I’ll be shopping for my new colored gems!


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