I feel like it’s my civic duty to warn you that this week’s Living Spotlight may cause a spur-of-the-moment shopping urge. It just might. Because when we’re featuring fall fashion must-haves, amazing paint colors for your home (hello, Benjamin Moore!), plus this week’s best dressed blogger — well, it’s only natural to want to spruce up your wardrobe and walls in a similar way. And of course, if you can’t get enough head on over to Living for so much more! xoxo

My lastest girl crush? Stephanie Sterjovski — this week’s Best Dressed Blogger. She’s got a style running through her veins but makes every outfit feel oh-so-approachable. And what’s even better? She’s sharing her five fashion must-haves with you right over here.

When the ladies of Good Bones, Great Pieces talk, you listen. Because not only are they design geniuses in the decor department, but I think it’s safe to say they know a thing or two when it comes to paint. They were kind enough to let us in on their go-to colors that could spruce up ANY room in perfect style.

Every year when fall rolls around, my wallet gets a wee bit thiner. I can’t help but makeover my cool weather wardrobe, and this season, oxblood is my weakness. Damsel in Dior is showing us 10 ways to wear it, and if the budget allowed, I’d snatch up every last one.

We know our readers are the creative types. The crafters and doers who are just itching to get out there and start something special. That’s why our dear Abby shared her top tips for starting a business, with lessons learned along the way. And I promise you this, Abby’s tips will leave you feeling refreshed and completely inspired!