First Dance Crash Course Tips from Dance SPA
September 24, 2013
Aside from the Bride walking down the aisle, the first dance always melts my heart. It's a sweet moment of pure excitement for the newly weds, with bursting smiles that sum up how deeply in love they are with each other. Swoon. It doesn't get more romantic that that! But, when it comes to prepping for your big debut, you may want to consider some lessons and tips from the pro's, like our friends at Dance SPA. They'll teach you how to dip, twirl and tango your little hearts out and they're here today with a handful of crash course tips for what to expect!
Why should an engaged couple take dance lessons prior to their wedding?
Engaged couples should take lessons prior to the wedding for many reasons. Most brides dream about twirls and dips on the day of her wedding and many grooms are unsure how to properly lead a twirl or dip. It is important to look cool and confident on the dance floor or most couples. In just a handful of lessons, an instructor can have the couple moving across the floor and twirling and dipping with ease. The next important reason is often over looked. There is a lot of pressure, stress, and tough decisions to be made months prior to the wedding. Couples have found dance lessons to be fun, relaxing and perfect one on one time during the intense planning leading up to the big day.
How far in advance should a couple start taking dance lessons before the big day? 
Couples should start lessons 3-6 months prior to the wedding.
What should a couple bring to their dance lessons?
Couples should bring a CD or ipod with their song choices. Typically couples will have more than one song in mind for their first dance. An instructor can help couples pick the song that will be easiest to dance to and create the ideal mood or the first dance.
Should the couple already have their wedding song picked out, prior to their lessons? 
Couples do not have to have one song picked out prior to their lessons. It is good to have a few options. The instructor can show you different dance styles that will work for each song. The couple can then decide which style best suits them for their ideal first dance.
How long should the first dance last?
Wedding dances should be 2:30 minutes to 3:30 minutes. Just enough time for everyone to oh and awe at how happy the couple looks! There are two main styles of first dances. The first is the most simple and can be done in 3-10 lessons. This first dance includes a few turns, dips and poses and travels around the dance floor. This style is more about comfort and has an elegant look with little "entertainment value." The second style is more complex with flashy moves, side by side choreography, and lots of show stopping and entertainment pizzazz. Depending on the couples vision, this can be achieved in 5-20 lessons. Most of the time, the instructor is able to splice music to provide the couple with the ideal song length.
What are some of the most appropriate dance styles for the couple's main wedding dance?
The dance style for a first dance is often dictated by the song the couple chooses. Most common dance styles used are Foxtrot, Rumba, Night Club Two Step, Swing, Waltz and Tango.
What are some of the main differences between group and private lessons? What are the advantages and disadvantages to each?
In group dance lessons couples are forced to learn at the pace of the others in the group and limited to the steps that are planned for the class. Groups are a great way to get started and learn about your teacher and some of the dance terms and vocabulary. Private lessons are more individualized and planned for the couple. On a private lesson couples can learn at their own pace and often feel more comfortable asking questions when having trouble with a step. A disadvantage is often scheduling conflicts.
What types of clothing and shoes should be worn to a dance lesson?
Comfortable shoes that you can dance in are the best to wear on a lesson. Most common shoes are ballet flats, dress shoes, and wedding dress shoes. Never wear a flip flop to adance lesson. Clothing for dance lessons can vary from suits and ties if they are coming from the office, jeans or comfortable workout clothes. Come dressed to move!
What is the best way for a couple to select a wedding dance studio and/or an instructor?
The best ways to select a dance studio or instructor is to read online reviews, find a convenient location, and ask friends! Word of mouth and others experiences is a great way to find a comfortable place.

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