SMP Canada Welcomes Our Advertisers!
September 21, 2013
One of the best things about Saturday mornings is getting to tackle the day at your leisure. But the best thing about Saturday is that we get to introduce some of the talents sitting right under your pretty nose. Today those folks go by the name of Dandie Andie Floral Designs and Avenue Weddings, and we simply can't wait for you all to become besties.

Andie of Dandie Andie Floral Designs is someone everyone should want to bestie-up with. Why, you ask? Well her gorgeous floral creations are far more than bouquets and centerpieces - they are works of art. If you are flower people like us (and I'm pretty sure most of you are), you'll definitely want to check out her work.
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About Dandie Andie Floral Designs...Dandie Andie Floral Designs based in Mississauga, Ontario and are known for their exquisite hand tied bridal bouquets.They strive to create each event to be custom tailored for the client’s specific needs and tastes to make every event unique. They love being small so that the person who consults with you will also be the person who designs for your event and sets everything up on your big day. They are a home based studio are not a retail store. "We don’t have customers coming in and out of a shop distracting us from what really matters, our full attention on your event. This allows us to be particular about what flowers we use and be focused on your event. We also love DIY Weddings. We want to help brides have gorgeous flowers for their big day."

You know that moment where you have all these fabulous wedding dreams dancing around in your head, but you realize you have no idea where to buy all the stylish supplies? Paper straws? Chalk boards? Cupcake wrappers? Favour bags? The search for these items can go on and on – unless you check Avenue Weddings,  the answer to just about everything you need to make your wedding exactly what you dream of...
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About Avenue Weddings... Avenue Weddings is a décor, supply and accessory store for weddings, bachelorette parties and bridal showers.We are one-stop wedding shopping for brides on Vancouver Island, with over 1400 different products in store. For local brides, we also offer a small selection of rentals.We now offer online shopping and ship across Canada from our store in Victoria.We sell ceremony and reception décor, stationery, gifts, bridal and men’s accessories, books and planners, food and beverage accessories, party supplies and more. Our favorite products include our garters, cake toppers, diamond confetti, washi tape, candy bags, cufflinks, tiaras and striped straws.From rustic to contemporary to romantic, big weddings or small, we have something for every bride and groom!

Welcome lovelies! We are so thrilled to have you in the SMP Canada family! xoxo