DIY Inspired Wedding in Groton Massachusetts from Julie Surette Photography
September 10, 2013
New England
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New England barn weddings are special. They are cozy and charming, elegant and casual all in the same breath. This pretty at The Barn At Gibbet Hill is the perfect example of why such a soiree will never grown old. Every image from Julie Surette Photography makes me fall in love with barn weddings all over again, and you can see why right here.
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From the Bride... Norm and I happened upon our wedding venue by total accident! We were traveling around Massachusetts one Saturday, hopping from venue to venue when we passed by The Barn at Gibbet Hill. I was first to notice the actual Barn, Norm was focused on the restaurant (Gibbet Hill Grill) that sits a few feet away. As soon as we entered into the barn we were in love. The cathedral ceilings with exposed beams and hanging iron chandeliers took our breath away. This was where we were going to become husband and wife. Also, The Barns farm to fork method of service was a perfect match to our love of good eats.

The Barn was rustic, warm, relaxed and gave us a clear vision of how we wanted the day to look, feel, and flow. Not wanting to distract from our surroundings, much of the color palette was soft with a vintage/chic feel. The exception being my bridesmaid dresses which were a poppy red. The color red signifies good luck in Chinese culture and was an important piece to include. Red was also incorporated into the bouquets and boutonnieres for an extra pop of color.

Being a big fan of DIY projects, and admittedly being a bit OCD, most of the wedding was created in house. The centerpieces were the first DIY project to tackle. I am extremely lucky that my sister, and amazing MOH, loves to collect glass. Over the past few years she has collected an amazing assortment of vintage glass mason jars, vases, milk containers, bowls, and decanters that we used to create eclectic centerpieces. I placed burlap circles underneath and wrapped the glass in lace, burlap, ribbon, and cloth flower accents. Dried split peas were a last minute addition to give some color and texture.

Other DIY projects included the invitations, programs, card/gift box, guest book, donation cards, and ceremony decorations. There is something really special about putting in your own design on such an important day. Everything was much more meaningful knowing the love, sweat, and tears (only a few!) that had gone into making our day absolutely perfect.

The entire wedding, from ceremony to reception, was laid back, full of laughs, and filled with our most cherished family and friends. It was important for Norm and I to honor both of our families so our ceremony was officiated by an Episcopal priest (a nod to my religion) and was followed by a private Tea Ceremony with Norm's family, something very special in the Chinese culture.

Watching our two families intertwine so seamlessly was an amazing experience, and one we will never forget. That night, we danced, drank, ate (and ate, and ate) and celebrated the start to our biggest adventure yet!