Calgary Wedding from Mat Simpson Photography Co.
September 6, 2013
North America
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When I first came across this beauty from Mat Simpson Photography Co. I was head over heels for all the pretty touches. The soft pink palette, the vintage details and the sweet romantic feel - it was love at first sight. But then I read this couple's love story, and I fell in love with this wedding all over again. It's sweetness in every sense of the word, and it's all sitting pretty right here.
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From the Bride...Byron and I sort of grew up together. We are both from small towns in southern Manitoba. I grew up on a farm just outside of Morden, MB and Byron grew up in the town of Winkler, MB. Winkler and Morden are 10km apart so needless to say we were from two little hometowns where everybody knew everybody. Growing up I went to Winkler for grade school and so did Byron but attended different elementary schools. Byron and I really got to know each other when we started attending junior youth in grade 7. We went on various “youth trips” as we would call it, to camps and cabins out in the beautiful backcountries of Manitoba. We would always end up hanging out on these trips with our two groups of friends and getting to know each other better. When high school came around Byron and I attended the same school, Garden Valley Collegiate. We were both in band class and various other science, math, computer and gym classes together. Our friendship grew stronger and stronger as our two groups of friends became closer and closer. Byron and I were both very athletic and participated in many of our schools varsity sports teams. I was the volleyball player and Byron was the hockey player. We had a lot in common and our friendship grew stronger over the high school years. It all really started in our grade 11 math class with Mr. Dyck AKA Master D as we called him. Almost every week I would go to Byron’s house after school and we would work on our math homework. This math scene got sweeter and sweeter and Byron and I soon began dating.  As grade 12 came around Byron left Winkler to pursue his dream of playing hockey. He moved to Everett Washington and played for the Everett Silvertips in the WHL. I wasn’t sure of the whole long distance thing so our dating relationship was on hold for the first half of our grade 12 year.  There was always something missing for me though. I missed Byron and realized I didn’t want our relationship to end just because of long distance. So when Byron’s team came to play in Brandon, MB I went to watch him. I saw him after his game and realized that I wanted to have that relationship back. We started texting, calling and skyping more and more after this and by Christmas time in 2008 we were “dating” again.

We did long distance for 5 years after that. Byron got drafted to the Chicago Blackhawks in 2009 the year we graduated high school and I was so proud of him. I moved to Calgary Alberta to attend University in the fall of 2009 and Byron went back to play hockey in Everett, WA. It was hard at first but we developed more love and trust for each other as time went on. Every time we would see each other it felt as though we were never apart, it was comfortable and just felt right. Time went on and Byron got traded to the Red Deer Rebels so I got to see him more often as it was much closer to Calgary. Eventually Byron signed a contract with the Blackhawks and began his professional hockey career in 2011, he was pursuing his dream and I wanted to be there for him. I was pursuing my bachelor of nursing degree and had one year left. In the fall of 2012 before Byron left for Illinois he proposed to me while we were out on a hike at little elbow falls. We were both so happy and in love that it just felt like the right time. If we could do long distance for 5 years and have this much love for each other then why not get married?? I graduated University in the spring of 2013 with my nursing degree. Byron and I got married on June 28th, 2013 and bought a house at this time too.  We couldn’t be happier. We have so much love for each other; we support each other and are each other’s best friends. I will never forget our wedding day and all the love and support we had from all of our family and friends. We are so grateful and blessed to have such amazing people in our lives.

All of our flowers we ordered bulk with an assortment of roses, carnations, gypsophilas, and daisies (mini and normal). Our table runners, which were also burlap, were hand cut by us from a 12 m. bolt of burlap. All of the jars that were decorated were made out of burlap, lace, and ribbon! We hot glued everything onto the jars. This took a lot of time! Our alter was made from two old wooden ladders and pieces of sticks that were tied with burlap string. Buckets were placed on the ladder. Our log centre pieces and cupcake stand were hand cut from dead trees from my bridesmaid's yard in Manitoba. Our little "mr mrs" and "b ❤ t" signs that were on our head table and signing table were all hand cut by us from burlap and glued onto cardboard and tied together with string. Our fireplace we borrowed as a prop from Ctv news. We know a camera man that works for them. All of the old lace on the tables was from my great grandmas old table cloths that were collected over the years. The wooden signs that were at the candy bar that said "love is sweet" were made by a friend back home out of a piece of plywood and old barn siding. The card box was an old briefcase that I stored my barbies in when I was a child. The wooden signs that were outside that said "Froese wedding" were hand made by a family friend who cut and burned letters into them. The bridesmaid dress was actually hand sewn from scratch by a family friend named Clauda.

Photography: Mat Simpson Photography Co. | Ceremony + Reception Location: Valley Ridge Golf Course | Invitations: BL Designz | Cupcakes: Carly Montpetite | Hair: Erin Suderman | Wedding Dress: Ethos | Shoes: Spring