Stow House Wedding from b. Schwartz Photography
August 13, 2013
United States
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Sometimes a bride and groom are sooo adorable and sooo incredibly in love, I almost forget that I am supposed to be soaking in their entire wedding.  It's like the only thing that matters are these two people, their love for each other and their stop-time kind of romance.  This is one of those duos.  A twosome that you just can't take your eyes away from, they are so sweet and full of joy for their Big Day... and each other.  Get to know them in the full gallery captured by  b. Schwartz Photography.  They (and their wedding) are amazing.
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From the Bride... Mulch (It’s his nickname. Long story.) and I are high school sweethearts. After three years of dating, he led me on a carefully crafted scavenger hunt with the aid of our friends and proposed in the same place we had confessed our love for one another years before. I never envisioned myself as the girl who would get married young, but I found myself walking down the aisle a few months shy of my 21st birthday. Being young added an unconventional element to the wedding planning process, but we had so much fun.

We found the perfect venue in Goleta that was classy and beautiful, with an antique charm that made us feel we were back in the 1800's. We both grew up in a small Southern CA beach town, and while we love the beach we did not want a typical “laid-back” Southern CA feel to our wedding. The old Victorian home and train station at the Stow House were the source of inspiration while we planned the wedding of our dreams.

Almost every element of our wedding was DIY. A friend designed our invites, and Mulch and I printed, assembled and sent them off. We delegated the décor to several friends, who spent countless hours stringing together flags and little pouf balls. My mom and I scoured every thrift store in the area collecting antique bottles and lace tablecloths for the centerpieces. A dear friend of ours catered the whole event, and the coffee shop Mulch works for served delicious espresso and lattes to our guests. We held the ceremony in a secluded tree grove next to the house, under a little tree. To set the tree apart, we wrapped lace around the trunk and hung paper hearts from the branches. It added a delicate backdrop to the already beautiful area.

The reception was held on a large lawn which inspired us to incorporate a picnic theme into our reception. We had several tables, but we also laid vintage quilts out for our guests to sit on. Each blanket had a basket full of flowers on the corner in lieu of a centerpiece. Croquet and bocce ball were available for guests to play, along with lots of food and a photo booth.

One piece of advice: it’s important to respect tradition, but ultimately this is your wedding! I had a lot of friends who were wise enough to tell me this early on, and for that I am so grateful. We don’t like to dance, so we choose to forego the pain of being forced to dance at our wedding. Instead of a full meal, we decided to offer a “high tea” complete with scones paired with jam, curd and cream. In addition, there was fresh fruit, cheese platters, nuts and lots of other yummy treats. For dessert, we set up a DIY cupcake bar with different toppings for our guests to choose, while Mulch and I shared a small carrot cake.

We wanted our wedding to be a celebration of God’s gift of love, and it was nothing short. Don’t forget that; it is a time to celebrate! Your wedding is only the beginning to your marriage, which is much more important. Love each other and celebrate the little moments you get to spend together during this special time.

Photography: b. Schwartz Photography | Flowers: S.R. Hogue & Co. | Coffee Bar: the French Press | Event Venue: Stow House, Goleta, California | Invitations: DIY | Bride's Shoes: Seychelles | Bridesmaids Dresses: Forever 21 | Men's Attire: H & M