Before the dress is chosen, the cake tasted and all the florals picked out, all of us wedding obsessed bloggers know the planning begins with one major detail: the ring. With so many decisions and selections to be made, you’ve got to know exactly what’s what when it comes to selecting the metal in which your stone will reside. And let me tell you, my dears, this choice is simple. With its naturally white color that won’t fade or change over time,  amazing durability + strength and incredible beauty, choosing platinum is a no-brainer.

Thirty times more rare than gold and incredibly durable, platinum not only ensures a safe and gorgeous setting for your stones, but it also serves as a symbol of a relationship that will endure the test of time! Buying platinum will ensure that the beauty in which you wed the love of your life will be passed down for generations! How cool is that?! Unlike white gold — which is actually 58% or 75% yellow gold mixed with non-precious metals such as nickel and rhodium to give it a white colorplatinum will never have to be re-plated and the purity of the metal enhances the brilliance of diamonds and other gemstones! With settings starting at $1,500 and wedding bands from $1000, the high quality metal is much more affordable than you would have thought. See my dears, picking platinum will be one of the easiest decisions you’ll have to make! And that’s something a bride can get behind…

And after the big day is done, platinum makes the perfect gift. From wedding day jewelry and anniversary gifts to “push presents” and everything in between, you’ll honestly never go wrong with a platinum bauble for your honey (or yourself!) For more info about platinum as well as platinum retailers, head over here! For regular updates and details, check out Platinum Guild on Facebook, Pinterest and on Twitter! Now go out and get to platinum shopping, my dears! xo


Pieces Pictured: Gabriel & Co. Platinum Victorian halo engagement ring with sapphires / Mercury Ring “Halo Twist” platinum and diamond engagement ring / Whitehouse Brothers Vintage platinum engagement ring with corner accents of diamonds / Novell Design Studio  Platinum and diamond wedding band / Danhov Abraccio Collection platinum and ruby engagement ring /  Kirk Kara Platinum handcrafted wedding band from the Dahlia collection crafted with diamonds and marquise cut green tsavorites / Sasha Primak Platinum and pave diamond “Sashinka” heart-shaped pendant / Simon G. Platinum and Diamond earrings / Blue Nile Platinum “Love Knot” pendant