You know what I love more than anything?  Pretty, pretty blooms.  In fact, if I could spend my entire lifetime surrounded by gorgeous florals, I would be one very happy lady.  And when it comes to choosing a florist to liven up my every day living (+ my wedding), I’m looking no further than FlowerTalk, the team of oh-so-talented floral designers who know a thing or two about delivering the pretty.  I’m talking everything from devastatingly beautiful bouquets to beyond stunning centerpieces.  Just take a look at all of this lovely…

From FlowerTalkFlowerTalk is created and located in Perth, Western Australia. With hundreds of weddings to their credit, the team at FlowerTalk pride themselves on a personalization and attention to fine detailing. Please contact FlowerTalk for a consultation by appointment only.

Photography: Jemma Keech Photography + CJ Williams Photography + James Schokman Photography + Teneil Kable Photography + Liesl Cheney Photography + Anna Rose Photography + I Heart Weddings + White Tulip Photography

Welcome to the family, FlowerTalk!  We are so happy to have you! xoxo