Cherry Blossom Engagement Session in High Park from Ovyian Photography
July 16, 2013
North America
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You know what's awesome?  This engagement session.  Or to be more specific: this devastatingly gorgeous, stop-you-in-your-tracks engagement session by Ovyian Photography.  Because this isn't just any old e-shoot.  Nope, it's a love-filled swoon fest with a breathtaking cherry blossom-filled backdrop and one of the cutest (+ most stylish) couples you will ever virtually meet.  See it all right here in the full gallery.
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From Ovyian Photography... High Park during the Cherry Blossom Festival at 6:00am on a Monday. The park was empty, with the exception of a few joggers, dog walkers and ballet dancers. The sky was cloudy, the mood was dreamy and the blossoms flowed like snowflakes on Christmas morning. Melissa brought whimsy in a teal-toned tulle gown and her mother-in-law’s wedding gown. They are sweet, kind, gentle and full of butterfly rosy cheek love. He made her giggle like a school girl and she made him blush.


Photography: Ovyian Photography | Teal Dress: H & M