We’ve put together the pieces for a ladylike affair thanks to Target’s amazing Registry products, but now it’s time to peek behind the makings of our pretty little party. Remember StudioNow, and their amazing captures of our Prep Chic and Rustic Beauty get-togethers? Well they’ve worked their magic again, and are giving you a glimpse into all the behind-the-scenes fun.


But don’t think wrapping up this ladylike shindig just yet. We’ve got two DIYs to share that will gussy up any gathering on your horizon. And if you’re not crafty by nature, don’t even sweat it. These DIYs are totally easy and 100% fun. So, sit back and get inspired as we spill all the how-to secrets for our favorite party personalizers.


Clear glass plates or any rectangle serving tray (we got ours at Target)
Floral print fabric
Spray adhesive

Step-1 Iron the fabric to remove any wrinkles. Remove any stickers from the plates and make sure the backside is clean and free of oils. Trace a loose outline of the plate on the backside of the fabric. Cut out that shape, slightly larger than the outline in case you make mistakes lining it up.

Step-2 Place the plate facedown on a piece of cardboard or other scrap paper. Place the fabric (backside up, so that the print will show through to the other side of the plate) on the plate and center it.

Step-3 Gently lift up a corner of the fabric and spray the back of the plate with adhesive. Press the fabric back down to lock it in place. Lift up the other side of the fabric and spray the remaining plate with adhesive. Slowly lower the fabric back down, beginning from the point where it has already been secured and working outward. Press the fabric firmly with your fingers to remove any airbubbles.

Step-4 Let dry for 20 mins. Use the scissors to remove extra fabric from the rim of the plate (just hold them against the rim as a guide as you cut). Your plates are ready to party! Food is safe on top of the glass, but we wouldn’t recommend using these plates more than once as they won’t wash well.


Washi tape of your choice
Silk flowers in various colors (choose ones with small to medium size blossoms, about 3-4 bunches)
Wire cutters
Painter’s tape

Step-1 Use the wire cutters to trim off the blossoms from the silk flowers. Cut each stem individually, about 4-5” long.

Step-2 Draw a heart that is about 14” at its widest point on the cardboard. Use your scissors to cut it out.

Step-3 Tape the cardboard heart to the wall with the painter’s tape. This will be your guide. Tape blossoms around the rim of the cardboard until they form an outline. Make sure to vary size and color. You can leave it as a single outline, or continue expanding the shape with more stems.

Step-4 Remove the cardboard heart from the center, and admire your handiwork!

Photography: White Loft Studio | Styling: Jess of Style Me Pretty



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