Spring Love in Illinois from Evan Hunt Photo
June 4, 2013
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Umm... these two are the sweetest duo EVER.  Seriously.  Read the groom's beautiful (+ heartwarming) description below and you will see just what I mean.  Because not only are his amazing words ranking high atop our list of tear-inducing, beyond touching moments, it's also one of the happiest descriptions you will ever have the privilege to read.  (Trust me.)  And their darling e-session captured by Evan Hunt Photo?  Seriously breathtaking.  See every last love-filled moment in the full gallery.
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From Evan Hunt... Brittney & Kyle's love is strong. Both as individuals contain so much energy, joy, faith, and love it absolutely overflows to anyone they encounter in their lives. When they are together, their love not only overflows, but explodes like fireworks, covering everyone who's fortunate enough to be near. These two are a perfect example of what love means.

From the Groom... I met Brittney while serving in the Junior High ministry at our church. I had just gotten back from working at the church's summer camp in Michigan and came back for the start of a new school year. I saw Brittney for the first time at our initial leader meeting of the year and immediately thought she was cute - I kept taking quick glances in her direction, hoping she wouldn't notice. As the year went on my desire for her began to grow more and more as I witnessed her love and passion as she served the kids and interacted with everyone in the ministry. I finally gathered the courage to ask her out to coffee, and although what was said in that moment varies on which one of us you ask, the response requires no interpretation.

I had hoped Brittney would be the one for me even before I first spoke to her. Her parents had given her the nickname "Birdie" growing up, and I think our story has a neat similarity to this name. In the months leading up to our first date, even though I was very, very attracted to her, I spent all of my time around her as an observer. I saw the way she acted, I saw the way she laughed, I saw the way she loved and served her students and her Lord. I was able to see her in her purest form, without any knowledge of my interest in her, and no desire in her to impress me. This is what convinced me that she was someone special, someone I could see spending the rest of my life with. Now that we're together, sometimes Brittney will notice me simply looking at her, which I always love doing because her beauty captivates me each time I see her. When she notices, she'll look at me with the cutest face and ask with a smile "What are you doing?" And my response, time and time again, is "Oh, just bird-watchin'."

Photography: Evan Hunt Photo | Locations: Doug Lindberg Park, Palatine, Illinois + Harvest Bible Chapel, Rolling Meadows, Illinois