Melbourne Wedding from Tomek Photography
June 3, 2013
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Some of the sweetest weddings we ever see come from the Land Down Under and this darling Melbourne affair just so happens to be the perfect example of why.  I'm talking a seriously adorable bride and groom (seriously), a plethora of fab details and a description that will leave you laughing AND crying... it's a combo that can't be beat, really.  And when you add in an entire gallery of amazing images from the ever-talented Tomek Photography?  The perfect way to jump start the week.  Join me for even more in the full gallery.
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From the Bride...We became engaged on the night Mark became an uncle, planning our own future was something we both wanted and getting married was significant to us as individuals and as a couple. Leading up to the wedding, we both found it surprising the amount of advice provided to us as a newly engaged couple. Some advise was sound "remember to eat on the day",  some advise interesting "wash your hair in lemon juice and cold water the night before" and some was perfect for Mark and I, "Your wedding day is but one day of the rest of your life, celebrate it and make it about the two of you".

We took this advice to heart when preparing for our own day. We knew that the people who surround us today have been part of our own personal walk, they have helped to form the people we have become. We wanted to share "us" with these special people and, in a way, say thank you. Although we both started our lives in different states, Adelaide and Tasmania respectively, we call Melbourne home. We are very proud of the city we live in and tried to create a very Melbourne event by finding an out-of-the-way event space instead of a reception hall, having a very non traditional ceremony in an art gallery and providing the best food and wine we could afford from local producers.

In the lead up to the day we tried hard to include people in the preparations. My aunt hosted the rehearsal dinner, a family friend hosted a post-wedding feast. A friend's band played amazing music all night, Mark's cousin made French macaroons for the non-traditional wedding cake, one summer BBQ turned into a makeshift craft bee which had all guests folding paper for pinwheels and the week before we had all the family folding, sticking, pasting, hanging or stringing paper and fabric decorations together. I have heard from the groomsman that the morning of the wedding was a stressful time struggling to hang all the decorations including 40 plus coloured umbrellas from the lowered roof of the theatre space in time for the 5pm start.

But, what a day we had. We planned a day to share and a day to remember, a day to enjoy and to talk about, with all that planning the things that I remember most are the moments we stole. Glances to my husband across the room and the goofy grin on his face, seeing my in-laws hand in hand, Mark's grandparents starting off the dance floor with an exhibition waltz to an Amy Winehouse cover and my 4-year-old nephew showing the photographer his best growling lion impression for every single photo he was in. Golden moments that bring a smile to my mouth as I type this.

Our relationship started with a poem "Who does not love wine, women and song / Remains a fool his whole life long." Two months on from our day we are still basking in the glow of wedding day memories, still hearing stories from our guests, their hangovers, their memories and fun times had by young and old. Both of us have had our personal journey, each full of peaks of joy and deep trough's of despair, separately we had achieved personal goals and had been seeking to share this life with another person. When we met we realised that our journey was a path we can walk on together while supporting, giggling, fighting, loving and enjoying the new path we had created.

Photography: Tomek Photography | Venue: fortyfive downstairs | Floral Design + Lapel Pins: Deb, In Full Bloom | Catering, Drinks + Bar Staff: Hana + Team, Ed Dixon Food Design | Celebrant: Megan Watson, Marry Me Megan | Furniture: Placesettinngs | Decorations/Umbrellas/Paper/Bunting: Bride + Groom | Band: In the Pocket | Sweets/Macarons: Adam Smith, Cousin Chef at Jaques Raymond | Hair + Makeup: Samual and Shella at Salon XVI