Ontario Engagement Film from Wilhelm Wedding Cinema
May 31, 2013
North America
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I've seen a lot of creative proposals in my day, but building a cabin for your special someone (using salvaged materials, reclaimed wood, and sheep's wool)?  Awesome.  Soooo very, very awesome, in fact, that this sweet film will leave you smiling, crying and gasping out loud from the sheer joy + romance of it all.  It's the amazing story of true love, dedication and beauty, all captured wonderfully by Wilhelm Wedding Cinema.  So get cozy, sit back and press play, because this, my friends, is the best five minutes you'll spend all day.  (Trust me.)

From Wilhelm Wedding Cinema... Adam and Stephanie met in university while they were both studying architecture, so naturally they both have a passion for design and creativity. Having grown up on a farm, Adam's love for the earth and the outdoors fueled his desire to build a small, beautiful, and rustic cabin using salvaged materials. He used reclaimed wood from an old barn for the siding in addition to shearing and cleaning wool from his own sheep for the insulation. Adam decided to tie this all into the proposal by constructing something that himself and Stephanie would be able to appreciate for years to come. He built the cabin over an entire summer with the intent of proposing to Stephanie once it was complete. Adam toiled over several months sacrificing nearly all of his free time to go to his parent's farm in the country to bring the cabin to fruition. "If it weren't for Steph, I would have given up on school, and the cabin. She inspires me to pursue what I love to do."   On the night of the engagement, Adam blindfolded Stephanie and led her back to the cabin.  Full of wonder, she pulled off the blindfold to see a gorgeous cabin with a giant picture window in the front and hand-sewn blankets decorating the walls. He even surprised her with her own artwork silk screened onto fabrics in various colours. You'll have to watch the video to see what happened next!

Cinematography: Wilhelm Wedding Cinema