Doie Lounge Robes + A Giveaway!
May 28, 2013
If there's one perfect day to properly pamper, your wedding day is it. While hair is being coiffed and makeup applied, you and your maids should be looking just as pretty as can be. And when Doie Lounge robes are entered into the equation, the morning of your "I dos" will be just as gorgeous as the rest of the day! These luxe robes, made of amazingly soft bamboo and silk, are the perfect getting-ready accessory and the ultimate bridesmaid's gift (that they'll actually wear again)! OH, and they're unbelievably gorgeous, am I right?!
Doie Lounge robes are comfy-as-can-be and come in a gorgeous selection of color combos (with a brand-new yellow and white print coming for summer!). They look amazing on both short and tall frames and seriously stay put with a permanent outer silk tie and an interior tie! Produced locally in LA, and made of eco-friendly bamboo, you can honestly feel good about your robes which are loved by real brides and celebs alike! Doie Lounge Robes are a gift you'll actually want to give, and let's be honest, receive!
Head over to Doie Lounge's siteFacebook and Twitter to see their gorgeous styles and color combos! Don't see exactly waht you're looking for? Email sara{at}doielounge.com to come up with the perfect robes for you and your maids! Also, be sure to ask Sara if there are any robes available that are not on the site (just a little tip from me to you!) And if you're buying a few, there's a discount offered for more than three robes, see all the pricing info right here!

Now that you’re just as in love as we are, here’s your chance to win a Doie Lounge robe of your choice! To enter, head over to Doie Lounge’s site, take a peek around at all of their gorgeous color options, and check out their real weddingsThen, come back here and comment on this post with your favorite robe and what color combination you’d love to see next! A winner will be announced on June 7th, 2013. Good luck, my dears! xo


Photo Credits: First row: Andrew Geddes of  Union Eleven  / Second row: Justin Coit / Third row:  Katie Hall Photography / Fourth row: Page Bertelsen Photography / Fifth row:  Justin Coit /  Sixth row: Third Row: Lydia Daniller