Villa Woodbine Wedding from Mandy & Me Studio + Kasey D Weddings
March 28, 2013
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Fête champêtres. Thanks to this lovely Bride, I've learned this morning that beautiful phrase describes the most gorgeous (and decadent) of garden parties hostsed in the forests outside of Versailles. Which just sounds like heaven. And this lovely lady in white obviously shares my sentiments  She took that beautiful term and let it serve as her guidance in planning this elegant yet ethereal Miami affair at Villa Woodbine. And with the help of Kasey D Weddings and the gorgeous images from Mandy & Me Studio, we can pretend we were there, amongst the prettiness, in this full gallery of inspired images.
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From the Bride... When I first started planning our wedding, I had no idea where it would take place but I did know that it had to be outside. Some of the most fabulous weddings I've attended have all taken place outside and there is just something about being under the stars with all your dearest friends. The first decision that had to be made was also the hardest--in what city would we have our wedding? We live in New York but have family in Florida, California and Italy. Italy was my first choice but logistics made that hard (our dear friends would be getting married in Venice two months earlier--we felt bad having all our friends fly out twice in such a short time span) and my family was really pushing for Miami, my hometown. I flew down to Miami and was having a hard time finding a place that really fit my aesthetic. Everything I saw was dark, indoors and not my style . After almost giving up on Miami, a friend of my mother's suggested Villa Woodbine in Coconut Grove and I automatically fell in love. It would allow me to have my rustic, romantic wedding, outdoors and in my hometown. Score! Before we knew it, we had all our friends and family excited for Miami in January. Escaping the rough winter would be a joy for everyone!

I had initially given myself a loose color palette and theme after falling in love with the idea of a Fête champêtres - an art history term coined during the Rococo period (I'm an art history major!) describing pastoral, elegant and lavish garden parties that used to happen in the forests outside of Versailles. This allowed me to work within impressionist colors but also did not restrict me too much. Although I knew exactly what I wanted, what was difficult for me was making it all come to life. That is where my amazing wedding planner, Kasey D, came into play. With her help, all of my little ideas came to life, from golden fruit to adorn the tables, to cute little signs that flanked the bars.

When our big day was finally here, I was surprisingly calm. I knew I was marrying the right man and I knew that what would be, would be and that it was best to enjoy every minute without getting to hung up on little details that may have gone awry. When all was said and done, our table cloths were the wrong color and our flowers were a bit off but none of that really mattered then and there. What was most exciting was that I was with everyone I love, the guy I've chosen as my partner, under the Miami moon. And that, I'll remember forever.

If I could offer any advice to any future brides it would be to do what you want to do. Don't let anyone convince you that this looks better or that everyone will like more. In the end, you'll regret caving in. Also, do not sweat the small things on the day of. Something is bound to be off. Just make sure you're enjoying every moment because you'll never get them back!

Wedding Photography: Mandy & Me Studio | Wedding Venue: Villa Woodbine in Coconut Grove, Florida | Wedding Coordinator: Kasey D Weddings | Floral Design: Nevot Floral Design | Caterer: Bill Hansen Catering | Wedding Cake: Bride's Aunt | Band: Miami Nights | Chair Rental: Unearthed Vintage |Wedding Dess: the Bride + Rex Fabrics | Hair + Makeup: Jennifer Cruz Beauty