I loved the concept of today’s feature from the moment I laid eyes on it. One gorgeous event. Four wildly different lenses. One piece of stunning dinner party inspiration from Gibson Events, 4 photographers to capture it the way that their own incredibly unique eye sees it. It’s genius. Because even if a group of photographers stand in the same spot and photograph the same details, the story that they tell through their images will always be different. It will always be unique to the artist that shoots it. And Aaron Snow, Candi Coffman, Greer Inez & Josh McCullock did just that. 1 Party, 4 ways.




From LindsayAs an event designer I’m frequently asked for recommendations for photographers, and to describe each photographer’s style. I thought it might be interesting to style a shoot and have several photographers capture it in the way they saw fit. My hope was for the result was to have a side-by-side contrast of the same event through four lenses.

We gathered four couples (all former clients from the past year) and got to it. We assigned a couple to each photographer.
It took a pretty awesome looking spreadsheet but we managed for each photographer to have time with their couple alone, with everyone together, to shoot each vignette individually and to shoot each vignette with their couple.

For this shoot we had a specific aesthetic in mind and really lucked into our venue. Luckily the good people at Calvert’s Plant Interiors were willing to trust the vision and allowed us to come in on a Sunday, when they were closed, and basically take over the site.

A huge thank you to all of the vendors who helped pull the day together. We couldn’t be more pleased with the way it turned out!

Designer + Stylist: Gibson Events | Photographers: Josh McCullock Photography, Aaron Snow Photography, Candi Coffman Photography, Greer Inez Photography | Venue: Calvert’s Plant Interiors | Rentals: Marianne’s Rentals for Special Events, MOOD Party Rentals, Something Borrowed | Lighting: Innovative Event Solutions | Dancefloor: Always Greener | Catering: Abbey Road Catering | Cakes and treats: AmyCakes | Floral: Poppy Lane Design | Printed pieces: Chirps and Cheers | Hair and Makeup: Jennifer McLaughlin Makeup Artist