There are certain people in this world who happen to have that magical gift-giving talent. You know the ones. Picking out that perfect something for that even-more-perfect someone? It’s an art form all of its own. Much to my dismay, that skill was not bestowed upon me. For this reason alone, I count my lucky stars that Daily Grommet exists. As an online marketplace showcasing thoughtful products made by passionate designers, Daily Grommet consistently swoops in to save the gift-giving day. With a focus on Citizen Commerce, “a movement that gives people the information and tools to support products that align with their own values,” you can rest assured that they’ve got all of your bases covered. From technologically innovative or eco-friendly to domestically made (and combinations of all three!), there is no shortage of fabulous finds within their pages. dailygrommet

Daily Grommet takes their time to really tell the story behind each new product and its respective designer. One fabulous new “grommet,” ranging from an organizational tool to a gourmet snack or anything in between, is released each and every day, allowing only the very best to shine. Each new listing has been hand-selected and features a wealth of product info, including its where, why, how and how-to. And, just in case you’ve fallen in love with a particular fabulous find from days ago, they’ve got you covered. Quickly search through their hyper-organized categories to track it down and you’re good to go!

And guess what? Daily Grommet is generously offering each and every one of you, our lovely SMP readers, $10 off a $20 (minimum) purchase so that you can try it out for yourselves! Click here for the promo code — and happy shopping. XOX!