Sometimes it’s much more fun to decorate when you don’t need to nod to any masculine sensibilities, and a Valentine’s party for the girls is the perfect opportunity to let your inner girly-girl out! We’ve got a seriously gorgeous bash to show you this afternoon, perfectly captured by the lovely Heidi of White Loft Studio. But before we show you all the details, we want to get you set up to host your own Valentine’s party by showing you all of our inspiration!

It’s easy to overdo it on saccharine sweetness with a holiday like Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry- the secret is to keep it simple. What makes a feminine party really shine is to stick to a select few inspirational concepts and keep your color palette limited. And bonus! You’ll save yourself some fabulous ideas for next year. Now that you’ve seen how we structured our party, we’ve got some luscious treat recipes, fantastic DIY valentines, and metallic-embossed invitations that you can print at home (!) coming your way next.  Don’t forget to come back this afternoon to see the full party!



1.  Copper Bow  / 2. Blush Flower Arrangement  / 3. Ombré Valentine Cookies / 4. Cocktails with Flower Garnish / 5. Vintage Depression Glass Cake Stands