Lyon Wedding Film from Trèfle Studio
January 23, 2013
They say that love is a universal language and after watching this breathtaking film from Trèfle Studio, I can most definitely say it's true. Because even though I may not have understood each and every word that was spoken (my years of French class are far behind me), the emotions and feelings of the day are unmistakable.  It's true love.  Through and through.  So, whether you are fluent in French, English or something else entirely, prepare to spent the next 5 minutes laughing, crying (happy tears) and smiling. The language of love is all you need to know.
From the Bride... Lyon was the scene of our first love, so we decided that Lyon should be the place of our marriage. To welcome our guests to Lyon, we wanted to give them a meal with wine — a night out — but we had trouble finding a suitable place. For Jean-Christophe, it was unthinkable to be wed in a place that didn't look like us, that did not speak to us and had nothing to do with our history. Symbols are very important to us, and because we met on April 7 and were engaged on April 14, we decided to get married on April 21.

Jean-Christophe was unable to let go of a place that he took to heart and reminded us of the number of memories: the Cour des Loges, a five-star hotel located in the old Lyon with a courtyard paved with Florentine marble and led to a spectacular canopy. The framework was breathtaking but seeemed impossible because of several other issues: we would need to bring in everything and adhere to a no-noise requirement after 10:30 p.m. because of other hotel guests. However, Jean-Christophe was determined to make it work.

The ceremony was held in the Basilica of Saint Martin D'ainay in the heart of Lyon (right next to us). We held a "vin d'honneur" (a French wedding tradition of a reception that takes place before dinner) on a boat on the Saône that was waiting for us at the end of the church service. It was two hours long to allow our guests to see the city via the water. The meal was well done at the Cour des Loges, and we solved the problem of the 10:30 curfew by renting out the whole hotel. Guests were able to sleep on-location (a gift that we wanted to give them), and there were no limitations on the music, which had never done in at the venue! For the first time, Cour des Loges was the scene of a marriage with a party. This magical place belonged us for a weekend — preparations, dinner, evening, overnight and brunch the next day. A true dream!


Wedding Photography: Dan Photographe / Ceremony: Basilica of Saint Martin D'ainay in Lyon, France / Reception: Cour des Loges in Lyon, France / Wedding Planning: Nelly Blanc of Blanc Cortège / Wedding Cinematography: Ali Teraoui of Trèfle Studio / Songs: 24 fps by The Candle Park Stars + Light Me Up by Kathryn Ostenberg / Wedding Dress: Nicolas Fafiotte / Bride's Shoes: Christian Dior / Hair: Carl of Appartement 16