Wedding Invitations by Paperee
January 17, 2013
If you've been a SMP groupie for years on end, or you're brand-new to the wedding inspiration scene, I'll let you in on a little secret-we're obsessed with all things paper. To us, wedding stationery is simply the bees knees and we're not afraid to admit it! It's that first sneak peek for your guests, a little foray into the wedding-day design you've been working on for months! And when it comes to picking out the most important invitations you'll ever send out, the you'll need to look no further than Paperee.  At Paperee, It's all about simple + clean designs with a strong emphasis on typography printed on luxe paper stocks in a variety of gorgeous ink color options! Each piece is individually customized to your text to ensure the layout and spacing is perfect!  I know, we're obsessed too.

The ordering and proofing process simply couldn't be easier, and there is an easy-to-use pricing sheet right on Paperee's brand-new site! Once you've found a design you're loving, but just aren't sure how it should read, check out Paperee's invitation wording + guest address etiquette FAQ section. And the wedding-day paper advise continues with the most importatnt stationery reminders and some super-helpful budget-friendly tips! Even this paper aficionado learned a thing or two!

So whether you're going clean + modern or crafty + rustic, you'll sure to find your dream paper suite at Paperee! Happy shopping, lovelies! xo