Studio Saldana
January 10, 2013
Tri State
If I heard it once before my big day, I heard it a thousand times: "take in every single minute of your wedding, because it will be over in blink of an eye." And my goodness. Were they right. It was a blur of happiness + excitement, of tears and laughter, and those months of planning were here and gone before I knew it. And after your dress is boxed away and stacks of thank-you notes written, your wedding photos will help you relive that happiest day over + over. So it's no wonder why choosing your photographer is such a big deal! You want to that perfect someone who can tell the story of your day beautifully. And when that someone is Studio Saldana, you know you're in good hands! With two crazy-talented photographers who understand the importance of their role in your big day, you'll walk away with simply gorgeous and timeless images that truly represent you as a couple.
Capturing beautiful backdrops and lovely decor is just the beginning to what Studio Saldana does incredibly well. Besides focusing on the pretty details, Steven and Melissa make a point to blend into the crowd and capture wedding-day moments as they unfold. And those, my dears, are the moments you'll treasure forever.
Check out their website for even more gorgeous images or stop by the SoHo Studio to say "hi!"