St. Regis Atlanta Wedding Film from 3Ring Weddings
December 28, 2012
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There's just nothing that can put a smile on my face like two madly in love sweethearts celebrating their big day.  Nothing.  And when those two madly in love sweethearts are captured ever-so-perfectly by 3Ring Weddings, that's a whole new level of happy.  Case in point?  This darling Atlanta duo, who celebrated their union in traditional style with a stunning St. Regis soiree that is crazy gorgeous + seriously sophisticated.  And their heartwarming words for each other?  They're magical - in so many ways.
From 3Ring Weddings... Before Veronica and Marlon even knew each other existed, Veronica’s mom felt that they were meant to be together. “If my mom didn’t love him, we never would’ve met. My mom is very passionate about who she allows into our lives.” The first time the couple met, Marlon was invited to Trinidad to stay with her family over Christmas. It wasn’t love at first sight. Their long term friendship-turned-relationship had a slow burn, which has already lasted almost a decade. Veronica remembers, ”I knew I was in love with Marlon long before he knew he was in love with me. His patience, wisdom and willingness to know me was what attracted me to him. I fell in love with his uniqueness. I knew God sent him.”

After her mother's recent passing, Veronica was charged with going through her mother's things and helping "clear out all her stuff." While doing so, she found a wedding gift and a card from her mother that said "a gift from heaven." Her mother’s spirit was still felt in various aspects of the wedding. Not only did she handpick the groom and leave them a wedding gift, but she gave preferences for a wedding dress (poofy) and who would be walking Veronica down the aisle (your brother). More gifts from heaven. Marlon believes that “part of the beauty is we have families who love us. They would do anything for us, and they support us, believe in us and pray for us. She’s the woman I believe God created for me. Magic happens when we get together.”

“He’s a wonderful guy and makes me happy to wake up every day, knowing that he’s in my life,” Veronica affirms. “It’s going to be a journey, but I’m really looking forward to it.” A journey that is bound to be a magical one.

Wedding Photography: Janet Howard Studio / Wedding Venue: The St. Regis Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia / Wedding Planning: Lemiga Events / Floral Design: Edge Design Group / Wedding Cinematography: 3Ring Weddings