Atlanta Wedding Film from 3Ring Weddings
December 21, 2012
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Oh, 3Ring Weddings.  I just want to HUG you.  Hug you for sending this sweet, sweet Atlanta film our way and for brightening our Friday with one of the cutest couples in the Peach State.  Two high school sweethearts that are sooo in love, it's like one moment after another of pure joy streaming from our computer screens.  Yep - this is the kind of film we could never ever get enough of with so much inspiration, we'll be basking in pretty 'till Monday.  And those hugs?  They are on the way.
From 3Ring Weddings... "Like a river meets the sea / Stronger than it's ever been / We've come so far since that day / And I thought I loved you then." — From "Then" by Brad Paisley

High school sweethearts Rehana and Jimmy have been together for a decade now. They’ve experienced many life changes — both good and tragic — and remained steadfast by each others' side through it all. Rehana adores Jimmy’s ability to still make her laugh after all these years and appreciates how he always puts her first. “He’s just a good guy. He always cares about other people and makes them feel good. He's a very genuine guy.” Jimmy declares, “Rehana’s helped me grow up a lot, probably more than she’ll ever know. She's helped me find my voice, be who I want to be and pushed me to become way more than I ever thought I could. I owe her everything. I just love knowing that we’re going to grow old together — the person I grew up with.” This young couple, already together longer than many couples, has determined to never call it quits — to never go to bed angry and to always kiss each other goodnight.

Wedding Photography: Katie Rivers / Wedding Venues: The Georgian Terrace Hotel + The Fox Theatre, Both in Atlanta, Georgia / Wedding Cinematography: 3Ring Weddings / DJ: Indaglow Productions / Ceremony Music: Lark Chamber Music