My Fair Lady Inspired Photo Shoot from Jeremy Harwell + Nicholas Kniel
The moment I laid eyes on this _My Fair Lady _inspired gorgeousness from Jeremy Harwell , I knew the rest of my day would probably be spent day-dreaming in this gallery . Because not only are the i...

The moment I laid eyes on this My Fair Lady inspired gorgeousness from Jeremy Harwell, I knew the rest of my day would probably be spent day-dreaming in this gallery. Because not only are the images stunning (and they are stunning), but the styling from Nicholas Kniel is seriously be-yond. It's bow-trimmed hats and lace booties, it's dapper gentleman and masquerade masks. It's all so beautiful I can barely contain my fashion-loving self, and you can see it all here.

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From Jeremy Harwell... Nicholas and I thought it would be brilliant to do a modern take on "My Fair Lady." We thought it would be an amazing story. The story began with the common woman who works in the flower shop, then transforms into a beauty at the Derby and then onto marriage and becoming a princess. We were inspired by Kate Middleton and Audrey Hepburn's "My Fair Lady" look.

Photography: Jeremy Harwell / Photo Shoot Venue: The Georgian Terrace in Atlanta, Georgia / Styling: Nicholas Kniel / Hats, Masks, Jewelry, Ribbons + Embellishments: Nicholas Kniel / Dresses: Anne Barge + Ivy & Aster via Joan Pillow Bridal / Glove: Shaneen Huxham / Hair: John Devlin + Kathy Tepedino / Makeup: Nikole Morrow-Pettus / Menswear: Guffey's / Models: Caliber Enterprises / Photo Shoot Sponsor: Atlanta Weddings
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