SMP Destination Welcomes Our Advertisers!
October 20, 2012
Buon giorno sweet SMPers! We're taking you to the gorgeous country of Italy this fine Saturday morning to introduce you to the loveliest of lovelies -  Clara. A planner extraordinaire in one of the prettiest places on the planet. So if you dream of a whisking your hubby (and few of your nearest and dearest) away to say I do - we've got your gal. She's multi talented with experience in florals and planning, which just happens to be the perfect recipe for making your dream destination wedding a reality. She is definitely a must-call if you are planning such a fabulous fête (and if you do plan such a party - can we come?)...

From Clara...The real challenge in life is not just getting what you want, but continuing to want what you have and to not forget it - I transformed my passion into one of the best jobs in the world: making dreams come true. I was born with the ability to understand what makes people happy, and I always work really hard to help them to make the most beautiful day a reality for my clients. Desire is wanting more, it is the nature of the soul, mind, heart and senses. The soul is always seeking to do more and know more, the heart is always waiting to enjoy more. If we are true to ourselves we will always want more. I can do more...I want to make a difference in my couple's day.

Welcome with open (virtual) arms! We are thrilled to have you join our SMP Destination family! xoxo