SMP Massachusetts Welcomes Our Advertisers!
October 6, 2012
New England
We think every day is pretty special here at SMP, but we must admit - when Saturday rolls around each week, we get all kinds of crazy excited.  That's because Saturday happens to be the day of the week that we have the privilege of introducing you to the brand new (+ uber-awesome) group of advertisers joining our SMP family and, well.  That's just downright amazing.  And today's oh-so-fabulous advertiser?  Well, it just so happens to be the one and only Sperry Tents, aka the spectacular vendor who is responsible for a whole lot of oohing and ahhing here at SMP.  Yep - we're big fans of all things Sperry and it's a total honor to devote our ENTIRE day to some Sperry Tents lovely.  Just take a look...
From Sperry Tents... Sperry Tents began with an invitation. Sailmaker and craftsman Steve Sperry was invited to a neighborhood party in 1980 and decided to use his design skills to create a unique tent canopy. This prototype, the first-ever Sperry Tent, marked an innovative shift in event aesthetics.

Under the leadership of Steve’s son, Tim Sperry, Sperry Tents has grown to over 16 privately owned locations across the country. No matter the locale, each Sperry Tent is still handcrafted in Rochester, Mass., inside a two-story post-and-beam barn, which operates almost entirely off the grid thanks to a solar panel array.

Sperry Tents are constructed out of durable sailcloth. Contributing to their elegant silhouettes are pennant flags atop each peak, solid wood support poles, and clear side panels for uninterrupted views.

Our tents are available in a range of sizes and in two colors: navy dotted with white stars or classic ivory. Recently we unveiled a new line of 66-foot-wide tents (max width had previously been 46 feet). Gracious yet bold, these extra wide tents are supported by two rows of wooden center poles and offer even more inventive layout options.

Soo awesome.  Be sure to head over to the Sperry Tents website for even more inspiration and to give them a big SMP hello.  Welcome to the family, Sperry Tents!  We are so happy to have you! xoxo

Photography (Top to Bottom): Eric Barry Photography + Tim Nosenzo Photography + Orchard Cove Photography + IRIS Photography