Weddings & Events by Paradisus Resorts
October 2, 2012
A seriously stunning wedding, honeymoon or anniversary celebration set against a backdrop of lush tropical gardens, drop-dead gorgeous beaches and bundles upon bundles of R.O.M.A.N.C.E.  Sounds like a dream come true, no?  Well, thanks to Paradisus Resorts and their breathtaking all-inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic and Mexico, that dream is about become an absolute reality.  Yep - I'm talking ultra-fabulous restaurants, dazzling suites, top-notch service and luxurious spas, all waiting to seriously WOW you and your guests with one of the most amazing settings you will ever lay your eyes upon. Need proof?  Just take a look at all of this lovely...

A destination paradise.  That's what we're calling every.last.square.inch of Paradisus Resorts' fabulous properties, because, well.  They are just that good.  From breathtaking surroundings to stunning amenities, you can rest easy knowing your Big Day, honeymoon or party is going to go off without a hitch.  And, really, how awesome is that?  Plus, did I mention the fabulous upgrades available?  In the Dominican Republic, you can sign up for The Reserve, their ultra-amazing boutique resort-within-a-resort enclave.  Thinking opulence and elegance every.which.way you turn?  Well, then... you are most definitely on the right track.  And for all of you romantic souls, check out the Royal Service, which gives you access to a personal butler, a private lounge and fab adult-only accommodations.  It's perfect for that anniversary with your honey... or even a proposal getaway!  And, of course, we can't forget your wedding or honeymoon.  With Paradisus Resorts' in-house romance specialists, your dream day is literally just a phone call away.  Check out their amazing packages (Wish, Fantasy, Chill-out Chic and Aqua), sit back and let Paradisus Resorts do the rest... and then celebrate your honeymoon in style on the glorious sandy beaches.  Perfection.

So, what are you waiting for, SMPers?  Call Paradisus Resorts TODAY for more information at 877-276-0872.  Trust me, you'll be so very, very happy you did.