Chicago Pre-Wedding Portrait Session from Ashley Biess Photography
September 13, 2012

How's this for an amazing idea?  A pre-wedding portrait session with your soon-to-be Mr. or Mrs., hours upon hours spent capturing every last heartwarming moment and you and yours decked out in your wedding day finest for the ultimate "First Look."  Sounds divine, no?  Well, just wait until you lay your eyes on this breathtaking Chicago duo and their seriously stunning shoot captured by Ashley Biess Photography.  It's a light-infused love-fest with bundles of oh-so-chic style and a whole lot of HAPPY - and you can click right here for so much more.

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From Ashley Biess Photography... One week before the actual wedding, Ross was able to see his bride in her wedding dress for the first time. During this special "pre-wedding" photo session, Celia and Ross got all dolled up to spend a quiet and relaxing evening together to take their wedding portraits. They wanted to make sure to have a memorable "first look" moment, and decided to have this captured in photographs as well. Celia and Ross somehow managed to get ready and dressed at the same time and in the same apartment without seeing each other. Ross said he was asked to close his eyes quite a bit to accomplish this! Celia's BHLDN dress glimmered in the sunlight as I walked her over to see Ross. It was so special to be able to witness and be a part of such a touching moment!

Afterwards, we had a relaxing three hours to do absolutely nothing else except to take photos of the lovely couple. Celia and Ross were so happy to have the opportunity to designate an entire evening to focus on just their portraits. They didn't have to worry about any of the wedding day pressure, stress or time constraints that often happen. They didn't have to run off to cut the cake or toss the bouquet. The photo session was just about the two of them, and the results were stunning. We were able to plan around the best lighting, taking full advantage of that beautiful sunset glow. And because there was no where else that they had to be, we were able to travel to several locations around the city to explore. After photographing this session, I wish all of my couples would opt to do a pre-wedding or day after session. It was so much and I really enjoyed spending the time to get to know the couple even better.

Photography: Ashley Biess Photography / Locations: Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Kinzie Street Bridge + Montrose Harbor, All in Chicago, Illinois / Wedding Dress: BHLDN "Aiguille"