Spring 2013 Collection by Amsale + Kenneth Pool + Christos
September 6, 2012
Tri State
I'm just going to come right out and say it - I am obsessed with Amsale Aberra.  And when I say obsessed, I mean obsessed.  As in, I visit the Amsale website daily, swoon constantly over her drop-dead gorgeous creations and can't even begin to picture my wedding day without an Amsale masterpiece.  Yep - it's a love that runs deep.  So, when the team over at Amsale, Kenneth Pool and Christos sent along their Spring 2013 lineup of amazingness, well.  I literally squealed with glee.  It's everything (and I mean everything) I adore about Amsale creations - timeless, elegant and the ultimate in sophistication - with an attention to detail that will make your hearts sing.
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Each gown in the new collections is handcrafted in New York and boasts a dazzling mix of flowy layers, sophisticated silhouettes, beautiful architecture and lacy goodness that is all kinds of wonderful.  Yep - it's one gown after another that will completely blow.your.mind and turn you into that elegant bride you've always dreamed you would be.  From chic peplum skirts to dazzling sparkles to awe-inspiring backless beauties, this is one group of lovelies that will guarantee the glamour in every.which.way. And, well.  We think that's amazing.

You know what to do, SMPers.  Give Amsale, Kenneth Pool, and Christos a call to schedule your appointment TODAY.  Your devastatingly gorgeous gown is waiting.