Pink Sands Resort
September 5, 2012
Let me just start out by saying that I so wish I had a destination wedding. I literally tell all my engaged friends to have a one because 1. I didn't have one and 2. what's better than a vacation-wedding combo in a gorgeous tropical place?! Nothing I tell you, not one single thing. And it just so happens that we know of a fabulous little gem in The Bahamas called Pink Sands that is dream destination wedding material. We're talking 20 spectacular acres strewn with pastel color cottages on lush, tropical grounds. Oh ya, and the sand is really pink!
This resort is the epitome of chic elegance and romance! With its idyllic setting and impeccable services, Pink Sands takes the guesswork out of planning a destination wedding and makes honeymooning totally unforgettable. From intimate nuptials for two to grand affairs for all your family and friends, their entire team ensures the ingredients for a picture perfect wedding are seamless and oh-so-memorable.

It's pretty much a fairy tale atmosphere with pink-orange seashells and the shimmering Caribbean ocean for a backdrop, it's easy to see why so many people want to make this their place for tying the knot! Let Pink Sands work with you to create your own personal fairytale and take all the worry away from planning your big day. After all, they think the only concern you should have is whether to say your I Do's in bare feet or not. And we totally agree! Click here for more info! xoxo

Image Credits:  Zorn Photo, Marianne Brown, Jason Cohen Photography, Donna DeCosta Photography