Chicago Engagement Session from David Wittig Photography
September 5, 2012

Engagement sessions have a magical way of filling your entire day with HAPPY.  That kind of HAPPY that can only be found in true, unadulterated love.  And this glorious session captured ever-so-perfectly by David Wittig Photography?  Beyond blissful.  From the uber-stunning couple to the captivating Chicago setting to one take-your-breath-away moment after another, it will have you hook, line and sinker from moment ONE.  Care to bask in some serious lovely?  Join me in the gallery for more.

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From David Wittig Photography... Contrary to what it might look like, we did not shoot the beginning of this session on the moon or mars, but on a very rare foggy and (not so rare) frigid day in Chicago.

Straight out of a foreign-film love story, Katrina and Pierre have a very international long-distance relationship. Fate was certainly determined to make them meet. Originally from France, Pierre attended Pepperdine while Katrina was also studying there, but somehow they avoided meeting. It wasn't until they both studied in London that they actually met and became friends. They would eventually both move to Shanghai and would then continue dating long-distance when Katrina returned to the US. Now they are planning a wedding literally halfway across the world while they continue to Skype daily. We were thus doubly fortunate to get to shoot this e-session. Not only because we caught Pierre on one of his rare visits here, but because we photographed them just hours after he landed. The giddyness and sheer joy of lovers reunited after months apart is evident in these photos. Their energy and chemistry was remarkable to witness and see reflected in these photos.

The proposal: Pierre had previously met some of Katrina's friends in Hong Kong, so he contacted them for help to find a ring. With some friends in Shanghai, they flew to Hong Kong, looked at rings, picked one out and bought it on the same day. Katrina had no idea Pierre was in Hong Kong because he had told her he was in another province in China for a work trip.

A few months later, Pierre told Katrina he wouldn't be able to Skype with her because he had meetings to go to early the next morning (night for Katrina). She didn't think anything of it and had plans to go bridesmaid dress shopping with one of her friends whose wedding she was in. Her friend was coming to Chicago from out of town and called to let her know that she would come pick her up at her apartment. When Katrina heard a knock on her door, she was expecting her childhood friend, but instead opened it to see Pierre standing there. After the shock registered, Pierre got down on one knee and proposed. The surprises continued when Pierre and Katrina went to dinner afterwards, and Katrina's best friends from high school were all waiting at the restaurant to congratulate the two of them.

Photography: David Wittig Photography / Location: Chicago, Illinois