Toronto Engagement Session from Tamara Lockwood Photography
August 30, 2012
North America

The cute factor in this engagement session is just off the charts. It's an entire day of adorable seen through the talented lens of Tamara Lockwood Photography, and it's enough to make this blogger a tad bit giddy this morning. And really is there a better way to be? I think not, so I highly recommend you join me in the happy-fest by taking a stroll through the full gallery of images!

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From Tamara Lockwood Photography... As a photographer, I absolutely love catering engagement sessions to the couple I am working with.  I love finding out common interests, as well as how and where they first met. Some people love it and absolutely RUN with the idea. This beautiful couple did just that! They met during softball season. She was keen to watch the games — or at least games that he was playing in, and he was keen to get her attention  That gave them the fun idea to head to a baseball diamond to re-live the moment they met! We also had some from at Trinity Bellwoods Park with a little picnic and then hit the town to get some urban city vibes!  I mean, with the CN Tower in the background, twinkling city lights, and this stunning couple just LIGHTING up the camera, it is easy to see why I love my job!

Engagement sessions are a chance to work in controlled environment — you can make things happen that are just not possible on the wedding day. Timelines are more flexible, and you can really do anything.  I get so excited for these sessions, as do my clients.  I usually leave with my cheeks sore from laughs — that is a good day!

Photography: Tamara Lockwood Photography / Location: Toronto, Ontario