We happen to be just a tad bit obsessed (read: a LOT obsessed) with all things Ruche, so when they sent along their brand spankin’ new collection of dazzling bridal gowns, accessories and bridesmaid frocks for us to swoon over, well… let’s just say there was quite the virtual party happening right here in SMP land.  The kind of party that celebrates stunning sparkles, layers upon layers of flowy goodness and devastatingly gorgeous vintage-inspired details.  Yep, that kind of party.  Care to join us for all of the festivities?  You can check out all of the pretty in the Ruche Look Book Collections here, here and here. (Psst… it’s going to rock your world.)

Gorgeous, no?  From gowns that will stop your heart (seriously) to dresses that will guarantee the happiest of maids, Ruche’s new collection is all about spicing up your big day with a whole lot of glamour and a whole lot of pretty.  And you know how we feel about THAT combination.  So, be sure to join us for all of the lovely in the Ruche Look Book Collections herehere and here.  Trust us… you’ll be there all day.  Happy swooning! xoxo